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19-01-2011, 15:29
I had a look for the answer, couldn't find it. Apologies if it's been asked before, or is obvious.

My friend has dwarfs and says cannons can hit characters in units without any "Look out Sir" roll allowed ..... and my orcs are worried :p

The section he quotes is page 93, under Look out Sir, it says.....
"If a champion (or character) is hit by a template.... then he may make a Look out Sir roll

Also, page 99.
.........."shooting attacks that use some form of template (such as cannons (my friends says this means grape shot only, because cannon balls don't use templates) , stone throwers, breath weapons, and so on) If a character is hit by such an attack.... he's permitted to attempt a Look out Sir roll."

He says because the cannon ball can aim at a particular point on the table, it's not directly aiming at my character, and whatever it hits gets hits. Went on to say that i'd get a Look out Sir roll if the cannon used a grape shot (a flame template), and that's why they mention a cannon in the quote above. But not against a cannon ball because they don't use templates.

I've checked and can't find a section where it says i'm entitled to a Look out Sir against a non-template shot.

Can anyone help? I'm hoping he isn't right :p

PS. i'm assuming both the character and the unit he's in are both infantry

Lord Inquisitor
19-01-2011, 15:35
*Sigh* ... yes, the cannon doesn't use a template but the cannon's "bounce" is effectively a template with no width for rules purposes.

You've quoted the bit that states that cannons give a Look Out Sir roll. And indeed, grapeshot doesn't give a Look Out Sir roll as it just inflicts hits on the unit as a whole so are distributed as shooting. Note that grapeshot doesn't use a template (hasn't for 2 editions!).

19-01-2011, 15:41
p113, "Who's Been Hit?", you'll see that it is a template. Grapeshot is not, but it's distributed as shooting which gives good character protection.

... Note that grapeshot doesn't use a template (hasn't for 2 editions!).

Grapeshot used the flame template in 7th actually.

19-01-2011, 15:42
Ah good news, thanks. I didn't know the cannon ball shot was classed as a template. Makes more sense now.

Lord Inquisitor
19-01-2011, 15:45
Grapeshot used the flame template in 7th actually.

Huh! Fair enough. Must have gotten confused somewhere. Or I played it wrong in 7th.

21-01-2011, 03:29
I think the only time you could "pick" out a character is if he is in a depleted unit with less than 5 Rank and File guys (not including Champion but counting Banner and Musician) eliminating the "Look Out Sir" rule.

That's why you pound the Vampire Lords unit with everything (magic and missles) in hopes of leaving the Vamp + 4 models for the Cannon Snipe. The Dwarfs could do the same with your Orcs if he reduced the Rank and File to less than 5 models.


21-01-2011, 09:40
Actually, you can always single out the character with a template. The exception is if he is in a unit of 5+ rank-and-file models of the same troop type as the character.

In practice most players will make sure that the character is protected, so that exception tends to be the common way of things.