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19-01-2011, 19:20
Okay folks... I have always been a fan of the Eldar Aspect Warriors, and I have been collecting some of the pieces to build a small army. I currently have:
10 Dire Avengers
6 Scorpions
6 Banshees
5 Reapers

each has one Exarch.

I also was gifted a single Warlock (w/Witchblade) and Karandras the Phoenix Lord.

I would like to keep my army more infantry based... so any Ideas on how to make this work? Total this come out to around 850 points, but I would be down to move those points around.

19-01-2011, 19:52
You will find soon, that Reapers are not as effective as they seam to be, because of 4+ cover. You will also find that 6 Banshees have a hard time against Marines (5+ to wound - Heavy Bolters?).
Dire Avengers and Scorpions are a solid choice.

19-01-2011, 20:29
You will find soon, that Reapers are not as effective as they seam to be, because of 4+ cover.

That's what Crack Shot is for ;).

I truly love my Reapers, even though most people don't seem to like them that much.

jneal6: Both the banshees and scorpions need to be at least 8 strong, and the banshees NEED a serpent (and if at all possible, some farseer support), whereas the scorpions can do fine with shadowstrike.

19-01-2011, 20:50
Crackshot is overrated, since it only affects the Exarch. And overly expensive. If it would affect the entire squat, yea, it would own and I'd start to field reapers again.

19-01-2011, 21:16
I would like to keep my army more infantry based... so any Ideas on how to make this work? Total this come out to around 850 points, but I would be down to move those points around.

This is going to be a big challenge for you, and the only way I could see it working is if you stick to playing small battles of fewer than 1000 points, otherwise your assault Aspects are too small, and the Banshees too fragile on foot, to consistently be effective.

All Aspect Eldar armies also tend to lack fire support, and also tend to be horribly outnumbered, but again small games mitigate this, as they make it harder for your opponent to spend lots of points on his/her own units.

Dark Reapers have recently been discussed in the Eldar tactica thread, so feel free to look at the latter pages of that for the latest debate on those if you're interested.

Still Standing
19-01-2011, 21:27
Shadow Spectres, the new Heavy Support aspect warriors from Forgeworld will allow you to take some much needed long range Lance support.

20-01-2011, 08:19
Well, one thing that I did not realize was the effectiveness of the Scorpions. A buddy and I were demonstrating the game to a friend of ours who is interested in getting into it. We were on a small table, maybe 24"x24" and I had 5 Dire Avengers and 5 Scorpions behind a cup (so they couldn't be shot) and my buddy had a 5 Man marine Tac Squad, and a 5 Man assault squad. We were playing sans special rules (no exarchs/sergeants) and right off the bat, I blasted away at his marines with my avengers, leaving my scorpions unshootable about 10" away. I did no good with the shooting, and in his turn, he didn't shoot, just jumped in and my Avengers were promptly assaulted by his marines. He had one loss, I had five. My next turn, I charged with the scorpions and mulched his marines. I knew that Scorpions would be good against infantry, but I did not realize that they could eat space marines like that. I then, after killing his assault squad, took two losses from bolters, and then covered the remaining ground and mulched his Tac squad.
Dire Avengers: Lost 5 Killed 1
Striking Scorpions Lost 2 Killed 9

20-01-2011, 08:27
Yea, on such a tiny board and on so low points, Eldar will perform nicely. Although one has to say that Scorpions are Elite-slot after all!
A competitive game at ~750-1000 points on 48x48 table and with Aspects only will show you pretty fast, that your Eldar either die like flies (4+, hello Heavy Bolters) or can't output enough damage to kill your opponent, especially if you consider the jokingly low costs of Rhinos and Razorbacks which Eldar-Aspects can't compensate at that size of game.

20-01-2011, 11:51
I would make a priority of increasing the squad size of the Howling Banshees and Striking Scorpions to at least 8 or preferably 10.

I think an all infantry Eldar army is very hard to run effectively, and would probably have to be shooting oriented, as assault units usually need some sort of fast way to make it into assault. At least one Wave Serpent to transport the Banshees is probably desirable, the Scorpions can at least try to infiltrate.Getting some Fire Dragons for anti-tank would be good too, as you don't really have any good AT units there.

As for the Warlock, you could perhaps run him as a Farseer- the Farseer powers are great and can really level the playing field for the Aspect Warriors (who are unfortunately a little under-powered against the modern 5th edition codexs.) Otherwise you pretty much need to buy the models for a Seer Council or more likely, a Guardian squad for some fire support.

21-01-2011, 01:06
Scorpions are a solid choice. I've always liked them. An Exarch with claw gets 4 STR 6 power fist attacks at WS5. That is filled with win. If they only had fleet... Something I hope the next codex fixes.

21-01-2011, 04:30
I'd recommend Fire Dragons, but without a transport they may get blasted before they do anything. If you're going all infantry, I'd suggest Warp Spiders. They'll still be mobile and have guns that can potentially kill a transport allowing your HtH squads to charge.

I've only found crack shot worthwhile for Reapers when paired with the rocket launcher. You get to ignore smoke and fast skimmers getting a save. It also gives the Reapers something to do if the enemy is all mounted up.

Scorpions can work, but I'd take Infiltrate just to have the option.

I wish Banshees worked; they don't. To fragile to walk and Eldar tanks aren't great assault vehicles. Love the models though. You could try hiding them and using them to counter charge anything that gets to your Avengers I guess.

An Autarch w/warp pack and fusion gun (just like the model has, for once) would be a very in-theme general for an aspect army and is fairly flexible, just don't be a hero with him. You can be a hero with the Scorpion Lord, but you pay for it. A farseer can be good as well, but can quickly get expensive.

For a second troop choice Dire Avengers are solid, but I've found a small squad of Pathfinders to be an excellent unit to guard your objective with (not technically Aspects, but it's still a Path I suppose...).

Good Luck! An Aspect army looks quite striking on the table.