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20-01-2011, 00:28
Hi guys!
Had a quick question about the Screaming Bell. The bell has MR2, and confers it to the Grey Seer as it is his mount. Since the bell has MR2, does it give the entire unit MR2 like if a character had the Obsidian Amulet and joined a unit?

Just need some clarification. Thanks!

20-01-2011, 00:38
Yes, it's passed on to his unit.

20-01-2011, 21:10
Wow I had no idea MR was passed on to a unit. My bell just got a buff! I don't have the rule book in front of me though, is it only passed on in the case of independent characters? Don't forget that the bell is a unique unit.

20-01-2011, 21:27
Magic resistence always protects whole units.

25-01-2011, 18:44
Evening all. I'm planning a game on Thursday night at my local club and intend to use a screaming bell for the first time.

I've read the rules on the screaming bell and it says 'The screaming bell is a special kind of mount for a Grey Seer'

When I look up the rules for mounts in the BRB it seems to indicate special rules are not applied to the rider of a mount? And I cant fine any reference at all to the magic resistance rules applying to the associated clan rat unit. I'm all confused!

What am I missing? Could someone point me in the right direction?

For info, I am playing against a teclis high elf list and any magic resistance will be a huge bonus!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

25-01-2011, 18:59
Page 72 of the rulebook that talks about Magic Resistance.

Although the text actually says that a character with Magic Resistance that joins a unit confers it to the unit. Most will play it that it confers to the unit, although you may encounter a few RAW fanatics that will tell you that a Bell isn't a character so it's not conferred.

25-01-2011, 19:15
Thanks for your response :)

That will be my problem. Showing how the MR 2 applies to the Grey Seer is the first step, and then to the unit which is probably the easy bit.

Particulary as the mounts rules generally indicate special rules do not transfer to the rider.

Although, as the bell is a unique mount it doesn't fall under cavalry, ridden monsters etc. I wonder if the statement 'A character and his mount are treated as a single character model for all rules purposes, except as noted below'. Thats from page 104 of the little red book (where have I put mt BRB?!)

25-01-2011, 21:41
From WoC Faq:
Q. How do rolls on the Eye of the Gods table affect mounts? (p43)
A. They do not, unless the gift is one that affects the entire model, like Magic Resistance.

This implies that MR is something that effect a model as a hole, regardless who has it (rider or mount).