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20-01-2011, 01:16
As the title says, I'm going to my first tournament in like.. oh, 5-10 years (5th or 6th edition was my last one), and I'm wondering what to expect. I know alot of it depends on the metagame of the local area but I think some things are relatively ubiquitous.

So let me give some details. The tournament will be at 2500 points and will have around 30 people there, and it will have a 4 catagories that are all equal scoring wise - Army Appearance (painting), General (win %), Composition, and Sportsmanship. There are some restrictions (no special characters, no book of hoeth, no power scroll), and a few other small restrictions (no more than 3 'selections' of any one type).

There is a league in this area that i am a part of, and it is highly varied with army lists and I expect the tournament to be the same - probably not a ton of any one army, although if there is a weight towards one army I would probably say WoC or LM.

My list:

Warlord on Warlitter
Warlock Weapon, Dawnstone, Warpstone Weapon,

Grey Seer
Skalm, 2 Warpstone Tokens, Talisman of Protection

XHW, Tail Weapon, Poison Attacks

BSB, Enchanted Shield, Shadow Magnet Trinket

Warlock Engineer
Level 2, Doomrocket, Warp-Energy Condenser

26 Clanrats, Shields, Full Command, WFT
(warlitter and bsb goes here, bsb will be in 2nd rank)

28 Clanrats, shields, full commant, PWM
(grey seer and chieftain goes here)

40 slaves, shields

40 slaves, shields

31 giant rats, 2 PM

6 Rat Ogres w\ masterbred, 2 PM

30 Plague Monks, FC, Plague Banner

5 PCBs

1 Doomwheel


I have no plague furnace or screaming bell or HPA to help with comp scores, and my entire army is painted and based, and the warlitter is my own conversion that I just finished making\painting.

What are the weaknesses of my army and what are things I should keep an eye out for??? Keep in mind that I don't have alot of experience against about half the armies - really only play BM, LM, TK, Empire, and HE as my main opponents.

Thanks in advance!

20-01-2011, 04:08
Your list is solid if a little underpowered for skaven- but you should comp really well which is important- the one thing to think about though is that the army seems to lack a central theme- and this goes to painting and presentation- having something with more of a unified theme might increase your presentation score-

20-01-2011, 10:52
You are going to see a lot of war machines at the tourney. What are you going to do about those 3 mortars sitting over there? A unit of poison-sling gutter runners (or 2) is a must imo. I DO like the fact that you gave shields to your slaves. Many people say don't give slaves anything...because their slaves. I disagree. Those 2 units will stick around.

20-01-2011, 11:37
Odominus is correct. One or two gutter runners is needed to handle warmachines. I would suggest dropping the XHW cheif and maybe a level on your engineer to find the points. Otherwise I like this list. Its not optimal but brings alot of fun, Skavenie stuff!

20-01-2011, 12:16
I'm no skaven player, but I like the look of it. As others have said, maybe get some warmachine removal units. Maybe drop a chieftain and/or possibly the plague censer bearers to get them? As I say, I'm no skaven player, and I've not played against them since their previous book, but from what I've heard, plague censers aren't the best thing around (then again, I hear many things, lots of them aren't true).

Anyway, the main point of my post: You say your army is painted and based? can you stick some pictures up? I often think that's what these army list threads are missing. People read them and know their "optimal" numbers for different units etc. But everyone then goes "well you don't have this, or that, or the other, and you don't need this because it's a bit useless" etc. But if we could see the army arrayed in all its glory, that always gives a nice feeling of "Wow there! I like it, maybe X isn't the best thing in the list, but look at that model.... now go forth and play!".

20-01-2011, 13:07
I'd take Gutter Runners over the PCBs, they're no longer the awesome unit they were in 7th whereas Runners have got a major boost.

20-01-2011, 16:11
My concern is that I don't know how this list ever wins a single combat against something like chaos warriors. Your only proper hammer is the rat ogres, and rat ogres are squishy.

I don't know the skaven dex well enough to suggest a solution (other than "take an HPA," but that could cause you comp problems), but it's worth thinking about.

20-01-2011, 18:26
The key to beating warriors is to not play to their strengths- redirect them or tie them up with cheap units like slaves (50 slaves 5x10 will be Steadfast for a while), whilst all the time casting magic at them and shooting them.

20-01-2011, 22:42
I don't see anything in the list that I would be scared of and I play WoC and Lizzies. Like Silas said, you need something to put fear into the other opponent. Also just having a few redirectors isn't going to keep your opponents heavy hitters from getting to you eventually latter in the game. Remember it is much easier to get a charge on someone in this edition that in 7th. I would throw in a furnace or bell. Just having one shouldn't do much to your comp while having multiple would. Without one of those I believe the skaven army just doesn't pack any punch.

20-01-2011, 23:31
I'll post some pics a bit later.

My plan for the chaos warriors and temple guard is really the grey seer - I have skalm and some warpstone tokens so he can take some wounds from miscasts (as well as pump some spells to get the spell off). Also the PCB's can still put the hurt on units of knights pretty reliably (assuming they don't get picked off by missile fire first).

The core problem of the skaven book is that outside of the HPA, there really isn't any unit that is strong enough to go toe to toe with elite infantry. The key is simply to tie them up with slaves or giant rats and then land soem warpfire on them, cracks calls, 13th spell, plague, etc.

The reason for no gutter runners is the lack of models really... I will probably pick some up when I am down at the store for the tournament - i can see how they would be extremely important for the skaven.

On a side note, the only models I don't have available to me are nightrunners, gutter runners, PWG (I have 2...), HPA, and Plagueclaw Catapult - just to help with advice on what to take.

I have been toying with the idea of throwing in a furnace - not a fan of the bell as I think the grey seer dies a bit quickly. The furnace provides some punch though against some of the models with higher armor save. What do you recommend I drop to get the points for the furnace? It'd be about 200-250 points or so..

I've found in my experience (although as I said - I don't play WoC regularly at all, although I do play LM and BM routinely) that the warplightning cannon and doomwheel can take out the big nasties easy enough without needing the furnace\bell. It's the horde of chaos warriors that I'm scared of the most TBH, which the furnace definitely would help against.

21-01-2011, 01:08
Storm Banner or A.P Banner on the P.Monks.

21-01-2011, 01:22
Hmm, the storm banner would balance out the fact of no gutter runners to take out those war machines.... I like that idea.

Edit - Link to my painting log which has pics (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=289977)

21-01-2011, 05:48
Took one glance at the warlord on the litter and thought "this is one for a proper tea break" (it's currently 6:45 in the morning, and my eyes haven't opened properly yet).

Looks good though, and obviously there are other ways round artillery (though gutter runners may be the most efficient).

I'll post something more....proper, once my brain has kicked into gear