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20-01-2011, 08:24
Hi warseer,

Thursday morning =(

Anyways... i have just started Skaven as i'm sure thousands have!

Hopefully over the next few days i will start a painting log (although i can see this extending).

Anyways i have started slowely reading the army book for the first time after i have massed a large Skaven collection over a few months.

I am playing my first game with them next Wednesday against Ogres.

I've been looking through some other army lists to get ideas around how other people are playing them.

I can easily make a 4 - 5k list (i think) but obviously i need to work out for my first game what to use.

It's a shame my first game is against Ogres as they are a pretty damn hard army and he hasn't lost with them yet... he runs his characters in with a unit of Iron Guts and then Gut magics them to make them like S6/7 T5 or 6 and Re-gen.

As i haven't used them before i thought i'd come to my favourite place and seek some advice.

I can't remember exactly what i have but off the top of the my head i have the following:

I can do warlords etc and a BSB
i have 4 warlocks
Vermin Lord (doubt i will use him in 2k)
Grey Seer
Grey Seer on Screaming Bell
Plague Priest
Plague Priest on Furnance

Core i have loads clanrats from the box set with spears and HW/Shield

I have 6 ogres and 3 masters

I have maybe 40 - 60 plague monks and 9 censer bearers

Also i have built maybe 50 - 60 stormvermin

10 Jezzails

4 - 5 globaiders

warp throwers, rattling guns and the other one (from the box set)


un-built i have:

Plague catapult/ warp cannon

Hell pit


death ball whirl

Idea against Ogres.

He has very little shooting and annoying magic (he does take beltchers but they are rubbish)

2 main blocks potentially...... plague monks and stormvermin each with the bell and furnance (if possible) and a BSB in the vermin.

Back that up by the death whirl ball, hell pit, Jezzails and warp cannon and then clanrats to build up the core.

I look forward to hearing people's thoughts on the list against Ogres but also your experiences with Skaven and what works well and what doesnt.

Many thanks

20-01-2011, 14:15
Try and get Crack's call with the Grey Seer.

Seer on a Bell is ot really the optimal choice anymore, whereas the Plague Furnace is very good provided you won't run into any cannons (unlikely vs Ogres, although the Scraplauncher could take a chunk out of it).

Sounds like he's a good player, which means you should never automatically assume a win, but Skaven are most definitely one of the best 2 armies in the game along with Lizards, whereas Ogres are... somewhat lower...

If you're not looking for any specific army list advice, the Tactica is probably your best next stop.

20-01-2011, 15:42
Does the Screaming Bell not do well anymore?

I liked the area of making them unbreakable, giving the warseer a ward and also maybe getting some lovely dice rolls on the bell.

He doesn't have a scaplaucher... and he is looking to drop the leadbelchers.

Thanks for the info

20-01-2011, 19:35
It's not so much that the Bell is bad in itself, just that there are better ways you can spend the points.