View Full Version : 1500 pts of eldar attempt 1

20-01-2011, 12:30

2 units of pathfinders x 6

10 dire avengers, exarch with bladestorm, shimmershield Etc

5 fire dragons (no exarch)

10 guardians, warlock & enhance

1 autarch with mandiblasters, power weapon & avenger assault catapult

2 falcons pulse laser bright lance holo field & spirit stones

1 wave serpent t/l bright lance with spirit stones

Dire avengers with eldrad in wave serpent, fire dragons in 1 falcon.

guardians with Autarch to hold primary objective in setup range...

first real attempt, thoughts?

20-01-2011, 13:18
Wrong forum section mate! WHF here.

20-01-2011, 13:41
D, followed by an O and possibly a H, with a ' in there somewhere.... apologies, I'll go back to sleep now.