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The Anarchist
20-01-2011, 14:19
I was now the last of my kind, I had been one of the first, and now iw as the last. A remenant of Mankinds great defenders, now i was its last link to the great past as we flee the Milkyway to another Galaxy, hoping and praying to whatever gods might listen that we are not doomed to forever drift amongst the galaxys, fleeing what we leave behind.

four thousand, two hundred and seven ships carrying all that is left of mankind between the stars. The shattard remenants of an Imperium that lasted almost five Melenium before at last we realised we had no choice to flee this Galaxy before mankind was wiped from all existance forever.

we have now warp jumped beyond the bounds of our galaxy and begin the slow, real space journey to....to we don't know. Stuck as I'am within this steel sarcfagi i will watch over the fleet as we journey. You few who are duty bound to live this journey awake with me rather than in the cold sleep of stasis.... I'am Sorry.
I failed you. You named me; The Last Lord, Warmaster and The Saviour....but now all I have to offer you is the stories of what i remember. so that Mankind does not forget where it came from, what we flee and what we once had.

what story should I tell first? we have all the time we need for me to tell every tale. I could start at the begining. With the Emperor,The Great Crusade, or Horus? maybe the battle between Lion and Wolf the other great Primachs even.

No. that was so long ago most of you say they never happened, maybe i should start when we were the greatest and most wide spread Empire to exist. The Wars of Armagedon, the Failed Dark Crusades....But why start with us at our greatest. I think we should first remember why we flee, what we failed in.

After the turn of the Forty first Melenium, the 1000 decade of the Emperors rule we began our fall.

The Anarchist
20-01-2011, 14:52
Now where did it start? I don' know. the Imperium was to large to ever find one starting point, the place we at last over reached in our hubris. but i will tell of each of the great wars, moments and times that showed us it was the begining of the end.

The Fall of the Fang i cried tears of blood, when Terra was broken and The Emperors great light left the Imperium. The Birth of the Numan, he great and terrible God we Created. i was there when we met with the Eldar and united in the great battle of Cadia....i watched as the Eldar fleets, their craftworlds were destroyed until only The last was left and it fled the Galaxy for ever, we should then have realised and follwed them.

my memory fogs with age now, battles i rememberfrom my first days with those of the last. I cannot remember which battles came first, was the Numan born before the Great Battle of Cadia or after? and what of the second Great Crusades when our Primarchs returned to us.... was that after Abaddons redemption or during?

No matter. each story will be told in time. its all we have left.

The Fall of Ultramar, i was there, i saw as the Hive Mind showed itelf in truth and when it gave its ultimatum. And when the Necrontyr awakened fully at the behest of their dark gods. they exterminated us like animals, yet gave us respite in their endless war with the warp. But for every moment of hope, we had decades of only darkness. When the Eldars new god awoke and fought with their first. the Eye of Terrors great expansions as the warp boiled with power and Hell consumed world after world.

But we were not the only ones to fall, The young Tau, their expansion into our space was rapid, yet doomed as were we. they were the first to consider fleeing this galaxy and yet we scorned their offer of alliance and fleeing together and forever earned their eneminity. A thousand of the great Ark Ships they built, and we destroyed them...every single one. why? we thought they were some new super fleet they intended to send aganst us so we destroyed them. even now i feel regret for what i did. I have killed the Xenos since the start, but the warrior spirt within me feels revulsion at killing a fleeing enemy that offered us friendship when they need not have.

We may now flee, but we had our shinning moments even in the darkest days. The fleet battle of Shattered Sabbat, we made a stand aganst the Necronty as they fought the Hive through the Sabbat worlds. the last and greatest Space Fleet war; more than four thousand warships, 6 of the Reborn Legions of my brothers....it wasn't enough though. The Rebirth of the Legions when the Primarchs returned, the Second Great Crusade, we thought we had turned the tide....

But I ramble now, tell me what you wish to hear? maybe of the great events I've already mentioned? or ask after the planet your forefathers came from and I will tell you what i rememebr of them, how they lived and probably how they fell. Terras Breaking? or Fenris's fall into fire, there was Juiters Last Stand and the Heresy of Medusa? so many tales, so many worlds!

20-01-2011, 15:33
Simply brilliant

21-01-2011, 00:00
Love it, really atmospheric. I assume you are going to continue?
Only negative comment: few missed out capital letters and spelling mistakes, kinda distracts from the narrative for someone as petty as me :P
Looking forward to more.

21-01-2011, 01:44
A nice little setting here man. One that I hope you continue.

If you are planing on continueing it, then i take it by your last paragraph your asking us what stories we would like to hear (if im wrong or way off never mind then). But if you are takeing requests then lets hear about the "Heresy of Medusa" lets see what the Iron Hands have been up to.:shifty:

The Anarchist
21-01-2011, 18:53
I will indeed be continuing this work, and appologise for any spelling mistakes and the punctuation being less than perfect at times. this is a combination of rushing, and english not being my first language. will try to do better when sit down and right more stories.

As for the questions at the end, yes i do mean them as questions as to what story you would all like to hear, so i will start as soon as i can on Heresy of Medusa.

22-01-2011, 08:57
Looking forward to more. Liking this doom of the Imperium stuff :) Keep it up