View Full Version : dark elves 2k tourney list

21-01-2011, 03:09
General - lvl 4 - pendant, familiar, ruby ring of ruin
lvl 2 - tome of furion, seal of ghrond, ironcurse icon
bsb - hag, cauldron

30 warriors, full cmd
30 warriors, full cmd
7 harpies
14 bowmen - shield, musc
cold one chariot
cold one chariot

1991 points

basically try and hold the middle with the blocks til the hydras and chariots hit stuff in the side.
I'll take shadow with the lvl 4 and dark with the lvl 2. Thought that taking the ring would be good against other DE armies with dual hydra.


21-01-2011, 12:52
Level 4 could do with the Stabby Dagger instead of the Familiar, Shadow is already quite long ranged but very hard to cast.

In this case, you'll want a smaller unit of around 15 warriors with just a Standard bearer and a musician for the extra power dice. Another good idea is to give this unit the Standard of Discipline, so that you get ld 10 on your general, which is especially ice on Okkams for killing tanks (you won't always get Pit).

5 harpies is plenty.

10 xbows will also do, I like to take standards on mine as well for when I play Blood and Glory. If you can take 2 units of these, that'd be ace.

Chariots are still good, but unfortunately not as good as they used to be. For real combat power, a unit of Black Guard with full command is only 95 pts more.

A unit of dark riders with standard bearer, musician and shields (comes in at 124 pts for 5) is always a good addition.