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21-01-2011, 09:51
Hi Guys,

I'm about to start a 2000pt campaign with my Empire army. I'll be up against WoC, High Elves, Lizards and 2x Skaven (I think).

I've played the Lizards player a lot and think I know what works against his army, and have played three different High Elf opponents (not the guy in the campaign, though). However, WoC and (especially) Skaven are much more of an unknown quantity to me.

So I've got, I think, 1500 points sorted, but I'm not sure what to do with the last 500.

Here's my starting 1500:

Level 2 Shadow Wizard
Level 1 Fire Wizard
Captain (super champion)

30 swordsmen
15 halbardiers
30 Handgunners
6 Pistoliers
1x each Mortar, Cannon, Volley Gun

My options are limited by figures available, but I can add:

Characters: BSB, Warrior Priest/Arch Lector, Captasus/Genrasus or TGM (someone needed to be the general)

Units available: Flagellants (up to 30), Greatswords (up to 30), Knights (w/Lances, up to 10)

Thanks in advance,


21-01-2011, 15:15
I've not played against empire that much this edition, but I can give a couple of suggestions.

Your characters are cheap enough to get a couple of lords, and since the +4 to cast/disp for a lord-level wizard is very useful now, I'd suggest dropping the two wizards for a single Level 4.

I'd say you'd need a couple of big blocks of infantry as well, so perhaps mixing the Greatswords with the Swordsmen and mix in a selection of Halberdiers and Handgunners to bring the units up to 40 Swordsmen (although that depends how strict your group is on WYSIWYG).

And then perhaps fit in a Grandmaster and Knights or Lector and Flaggies. If you feel like you need a bit more "interference" perhaps a couple of vanilla units of knights?

EDIT: And definitely make the Captain a BSB.

21-01-2011, 15:29
My brother ran this list at 1250 with great results.

105 General of the Empire: Plate/Shield/Relic Sword (10)
111 Warrior Priest: Heavy Armor/Shield/Hammer of Battle (15)
127 Halberdier x23: Banner/Musician

205 Wizard Lord of Light: Talisman of Endurance (30)
105 Battle Standard Bearer: Meteoric Armor (25)/Biting Blade (5)
153 Swordsmen x23: Banner/Musician

105 Crossbowman x10: Banner of Eternal Flame (10)
97 Pistoliers x5: Outrider

65 Master Engineer
75 Mortar
100 Great Cannon

With the extra points you could beef up the hth units and add your volley gun.

22-01-2011, 05:23
Id suggest taking the individual points cost off the magic items, its against forum rules. Just wanna let you know before i mod comes in.

22-01-2011, 17:28
Definitely take the Battle Standard, as it's a huge boost to those infantry blocks. Bibbywolf is right that the +4 from a lord mage can be great, that said though I tend to favour what you've already listed as it means your magic isn't as easily picked off and/or is less likely to blow up and leave you without magic for an entire game.

Not sure if you need that many hand-gunners, especially with those war machines. Might be worth squeezing in some great-swords in and leaving a smaller hand-gunners unit, possibly as a detachment?
Stubborn, good armour, high strength melee will be invaluable against both chaos and Skaven I think. While against Skaven especially the handgunners won't get much to shoot at, and most of it will be hardly worth any points anyway. Once swamped in combat hand-gunners won't do you any favours at all. As a supporting detachment though they could be useful, especially if you manage to bait Chaos Warriors into a charge and open up on them; try to present the choice of charging a unit supported by hand-gunners, and getting in the line of fire of a volley gun, they'll love that choice :D