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21-01-2011, 16:32
I recently talked my roommate into splitting the Island of Blood box with me, and I'm taking the skaven models. I've never played 8th edition, let alone skaven, and I'm working with a limited budget, but I'd like to start expanding my army. There are lots of other threads going about skaven tactics and such, but I have a few questions.

First, lets say I buy the battalion set. I don't really like the stats of plague monks, but I've heard that the plague furnace can be pretty effective. Is a unit of 20 monks sufficient to push the furnace, or would I have to buy more to make it an effective unit? It seems like they'd probably draw a lot of fire if they're pushing that thing, and they don't wear armor, so I can see how it might be a bad idea. Also, if I can't afford to buy both a furnace and a bell, which would I be better off with?

Next, I've seen a lot of people say that big units of stormvermin aren't very effective. I had been planning on buying two boxes and using some of the models to convert a warlord on a war-litter, which would leave me with 35 or 36 stormvermin. Would a unit that large accompanied by a warlord be a bad investment of points (and money)? I was thinking about running them with the armor piercing banner. What about a unit of 30? Still too big? And what about a unit of 16 with a warlord on war-litter? Too small?

21-01-2011, 16:41
Both the furnace and bell expose the driver to incoming fire, furnace is bit cheaper but also gives less to the army. Then again, the driver of that furnace isn't your general or very expensive 4th level wizard. Furnace might be the way to go if you really have to get one of the two (instead of none/both), not sure though.

Stormvermin have great stats, as much as you can fit should be enough.

Instead of battallion, I'd get another set of IOB-rats, then those stormvermin and a bell. With 2 IOBs you get enough weaponteams and basic rats for a couple units, with stormvermin you'd have like 3-5 regiments and enough characters for a bigger list too.

With skaven, if the unit isn't slaves, 50+ is too big. Some regiments can go under 20, but if they intend to last/win a fight, 20-30 is a minimum.

2 IOB sets+2 boxes of stormvermin (assuming they have 20/box and you use some for the warlitter) would get you an ok 1500point army and/or a base for bigger army in the future:
Warlord with litter and full magic items
BSB with stormbanner and nothing else
20 slaves
2x30 clanrats with shields FC and a weapon team
36 stormvermin with shields, FC and a weapon team+AP banner

Grey seer with a bell wouldn't fit, a plague furnace would but then you'd need a unit for it too... Of course, one or both of the IOB warlocks could handle the magic phase.

21-01-2011, 21:07
For all the help it is I am collecting Skaven in this orde


Doomwheel and 20 Stormvermin

Abomination and doom flayer (for the Stormvermin)

40 plague monks

Plague furnace

It is a decent start and costs me around 40 for each purchase, just building them slowly.
Plague monks aren't bad, 3 attacks each is nice for a cheap horde.

You want 30 plague monks for the plague furnace, allows for some casualties.
Seer and bell cost around 420 pts and the furnace and priest 250 pts.
It depends on wether you want to use your Skaven before you have 2K worth or not, the bell needs games that size and the furnace can be taken in a 1k game at a push.

Building the furnace gives you a free seer and rat ogre to put straight to use too as they are left overs in the kit.
Once I have what I list I will bolster my Clanrats and grab an assassin and warp cannon, as and when.

Stormvermin look fine to me, WS4 S4 high I and above average armour for 8pts, can't be all bad.

Dante blackfur
22-01-2011, 05:10
Stormvermin look fine to me, WS4 S4 high I and above average armour for 8pts, can't be all bad.

Yeah for the points they're not bad. Since daemons cost 12 pts for ws5 and s3. And no armour. :P

22-01-2011, 11:06
For pushing a bell or furnace I aim for units of 40, as it gives you a powerful horde unit that's also 5 ranks deep with room to spare (so you won't lose that 5th rank right away).

For anything else though a unit size of 30 should be plenty except for slaves where huge deep units can tie up your enemy for ages. Stormvermin are really good, while Plague Monks have a high volume of attacks, Strength 3 can be underwhelming except against other hordes, while Strength 4 from the Stormvermin can actually do more damage, particularly against more elite enemies.
You still can't rely on them to win one on one that easily except against an enemy you heavily outnumber, but with a supporting charge they'll just eat anything in their way.

Bretonnian Men at Arms and Empire Halberdiers are the other Strength 4 hordes I think, and while both are cheaper than Stormvermin (5 points each versus 7 points each), Stormvermin have the edge on Movement, Weapon Skill, Initiative, usually Leadership, and armour :D