View Full Version : Vamps 3000 pts. Any thoughts?

the Nurge
21-01-2011, 17:58
I'm putting together a 3000 pt list for a small tourney tomorrow. Some feedback would be great if you have any thoughts. Let me say that I know I should run a bigger unit of grave guard, but all I have is the 20.


Vamp Lord (general)(goes in skelly unit)- 380
Dark Acolyte
Master of the Black Arts
Black Periapt
Crown of the Damned
Crown of Command

Vamp Lord (goes in a ghoul horde or grave guard)- 345
Inf Hatred
Red Fury
Blood Drinker
Flayed Hauberk


Wight King BSB (grave guard)- 225
Drakenhoff Banner

Vampire (ghoul unit) -195
Infinite Hatred
Avatar of Death (shield + HA)


Ghouls x 30 - 248

Ghouls x 30 - 248

Skeletons x 25 - 220
full cmd

Corpse cart (w/ Unholy Lodestone or Balefire) - 100


Grave Guard x 20- 290
great weapons
Full cmd


Varghulf x 2

Wraith x 4

Black Coach

21-01-2011, 18:33
If you can, fit a second master of the Black Arts in there along with a necromancer with Van Hels. That should get you a 12 dice phase every phase (assuming an average roll and a channel) before the Coach takes any, and you can 2 dice spam VanHels on the ghouls.

22-01-2011, 08:28
Instead of Crown of Command do you mean Helm of Commandment? The Crown of Command does nothing for Undead.

24-01-2011, 04:18
I see by your coach and regen you don't like making friends. Looks brutally solid.

the Nurge
24-01-2011, 13:48
I did indeed mean Helm of Command, thanks. I decided the 20 grave guard was too small, so I dropped them. I instead added another vampire hero with lore of fire, and made the vampire lord ethereal to run with the wraiths. In addition, I bulked up my skeletons.

It worked fairly well. I tied 2 of the 3 games and won the third.
Thanks for throwing in some suggestions.