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Dante blackfur
21-01-2011, 23:31
hope this is the right section to post this in. :shifty:Ok, this.might be a stupid question but are there separate models for skavens slaves and clan rats or do they simply use the same pieces with different weapons/Paint jobs? I'm not sure and I havent seen any slave boxes but I wanted to double check. Oh another question about clan rats I got the newest book and the.previous one in the earlier book it says clan rats are mainstay units so you have to have one unit of clan rats in order to have a unit of everything else. But in the new book they don't have it in they're profiles so was that rule removed or did I just miss it?

Thanks in advance for answers to these questions. :)

Ultimate Life Form
21-01-2011, 23:41
The Mainstay rule was indeed removed (and would also have been overwritten by the new 8th Ed amy composition system).

As for the Slaves, obviously you have missed the stellar metal Slaves GW sell on their webpage. Pay premium prices for your weakest/largest units. Or do what everyone else does and use Clanrats. The Army Book suggests using the shackled models as Slaves, though personally I use the old Clanrats - their uglyness just fits the theme perfectly.

giant stegadon
22-01-2011, 03:53
I have wondered about what people use as slaves since I've gotten IoB. In the Clanrat box half of them could be called slaves (basically not having armor). Do most people give Clanrats an alternate color than the rest of the army and say they're slaves?

22-01-2011, 10:37
Do most people give Clanrats an alternate color than the rest of the army and say they're slaves?
I think clan-rats simply having colour at all works well; if you have an army colour in mind then give the clan-rats a dirty looking version of that (so your Stormvermin can stand out with a "cleaner" looking version). Then leave the slaves with nothing but brown horrible clothing.

I'm using clan-rats as slaves (the metal models are horribly expensive, and I don't really like them at all), and using pack-masters as markers to keep it as clear as possible for myself and my opponents. A pack-master with a very visible whip works extremely well, and so long as your opponent knows that units without a pack-master are definitely clan-rats, then it means you have the option of fielding either unit as you please using the same models.

As you say in the Island of Blood you get a mix of bodies, not quite enough to field a whole unit without armour, but if you separate out the stingier armour bodies you can make a good looking unit of slaves. Some of the bodies even have scars on the backs, which can look good.

22-01-2011, 10:54
My clanrat regiments had command models and uniform weaponry, while my slaves had only a musician and mixed equipment or nothing at all. The big banner was pretty clear indicator of clanrattiness.