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Talon Raven
22-01-2011, 00:41
So recently, I've picked up a commission to do up a lovely Chaos army for a friend. My painting group, which includes Easternheretic and Raeho (secret identities, guys!), is a very committed group of painters and Apocalypse nuts, and we had this idea to start up project logs for our erm, projects. I'm mainly Imperial, but since I got an Imperial blog else where, I thought I'll do my Chaos here.

Plus I can't let my men know that I'm dabblin' with Chaos.

So anyway, on to the log. Here's the first unit I'm paintin' up, it's Thousand Sons!


So first unit to be painted: one troops choice aka a squad of 9 Thousand Sons (including 1 Aspiring Sorceror. Started on them since the first day of the month, and I've been paintin' these guys one at a time (which kind of resulted with three different types of blues for the first three models erp). Not done the details yet, including their backpacks, bolters and bases. Eepz not a good sign, since I want to finish their transport as well (that snazzy lookin' Rhino at the back!) before the end of the month!

The blue and gold recipes were taken from the Prince Althran Masterclass in October 2010's White Dwarf, though the blue turned out to be way too bright when I asked for opinions. On went two layers of Badab Black. Pose for us, will ya Mr Thousand Son?



So stay tuned for more updates, hopefully i'll finish the squad by the weekend!

22-01-2011, 15:30
The colours are looking nice! I don't know if it's your highlighting or the badab black washes, but the transitions in especially the last shot (e.g his leg armour) look absolutely wonderful.


22-01-2011, 22:12
That is a very nice blue colour you have acheived there. If the whole squad is painted to this high standard it will look awsome. Can't wait to see what you do with the rhino. Are those forgeworld doors i see?

Regards, FP71

Talon Raven
24-01-2011, 03:25
Thanks! It's a mix of both, actually. Did the shading and the highlighting first, then applied a wash of Asurmen blue to blend it together, then darkened it with Badab Black. The black washes made the darker areas, well, darker.

It did make my models a little glossy though =S

Cheers, that's what I'm goin' for. And yep, those are FW Rhino Doors. My client pull out all stops for a pretty lookin' Chaos army (including FW World Eaters and Death Guard, those to come in comin' months).

Walking the lines of heresy - Chaos Project Log 240111
So I didn't exactly finish the squad by the end of the weekend... The details are still undone and I've only painted up the last Rubric and the Aspiring Sorceror, and only blue and gold. I blame proscastination. >_<

So an update:

Last Rubric Marine

Aspiring Sorceror

Only the blue and gold is done, I'll put up more pictures of the Aspiring Sorceror once he is complete. I got a little rushed for the blue (or was it lazy...?) and used a bigger brush to apply the wash. Big mistake. You may not see it, because the lighting for the shots are pretty terrible (hermit hole lights urgh), but some parts of the blue look splotchy. It's what happens when you use a bigger brush to slap on the wash, especially when the model is smaller than say a Tank or a Carnifex. You want nice and neat, please use a smaller brush.

So yeap, I've no more lessons for the day so I should be workin' on the Thousand Sons. Once those are done, Rhino time. Stay tuned for more updates!

Talon Raven
26-01-2011, 11:07
Walking the lines of heresy - Chaos Project Log 260111
One thing about Talon is that when he says he'll finish the squad by the weekend, you can always expect him to finish it the NEXT weekend.

So anyway, I decided to just go and finish up one guy first, and see how it goes. Frankly, it was because I was trying out lava bases for this army project, and wanted to see how it will turned out. I followed this tutorial (http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/1750), and I think it turned out quite ok. The effect isn't at its best though, I figure it is due to it being on a smaller base. I suppose if done on a bigger base, the effect can be seen better.

So yeah, pictures of the first completed Thousand Son:





With one guy complete, I should expect the rest to follow suit real quick. In the mean time, this is the WIP shot for the entire squad, taken before this guy was done:


Stay tuned for more updates!

28-01-2011, 17:31
Very neat looking marine there. The colours have really worked well together, especially the gold and blue which I think often looks wrong, but you got it just right. Cant wait to see those others fellas finished.

29-01-2011, 12:28
Not normally a fan of blue anything, but these guys are very nicely done. Pulled them off wonderfully.

29-01-2011, 17:54
Looking really good as expected! Just a tip about the gloss caused by washes; Shake them everytime you use them and they won't be glossy. Don't shake them, and they'll be. :)


Talon Raven
31-01-2011, 15:57
@ Matt-allicA & Earthbeard
Thanks! Admittedly, the blue was the most painful bit for me as I'm more familiar with other colours like red. Glad to hear it has worked out!

Ah thanks for the tip! I usually use the wash from the cap instead of transferring to a palette. I think that might be makin' my washes a little too thick too...

Walking the lines of heresy - Chaos Project Log 310111
When I started out on this squad, I set myself the goal to complete it within a month. So, how did I do?

Majority of the squad is done, some details are missing though especially the ammo feeds of their bolters. Several of their guns need cleaning up too, and the Aspiring Sorceror's not complete yet (his force weapon has been the subject of many painful attempts at painting power weapons). The Rhino's also woefully incomplete at this point of time, having wasted an entire afternoon's painting.

Story is that I tried to replicate the blue of the Thousand Sons on their Rhino. Turns out the significantly larger surface makes it much easier to smudge, and furthermore it was waaay too bright. Took me today to repaint the blue and at least the gold details for the front of the hull is done. A lot still needs to be done, urgh.

So where did I go wrong? I blame the blue. I started out wanting a brighter sort of blue for the Thousand Sons, but I didn't exactly plan my scheme (I just went for the blue recipe in Prince Althran's masterclass). The result was three different types of blues for the first three models before I finalised it on the fourth. Took me a while to go back to the previous Thousand Sons to make sure they looked coherent.

My friends have also commented that I was taking too many steps to achieve my effects. One practically fainted when I described the steps I took =S My gold recipe involved washes of Baal Red, Devlan Mud then Badab Black, but EasternHeretic has said that Ogryn Flesh would be able to achieve the same effect. Personally I felt that my method got a darker and richer gold, but what do you guys think? =X





So while waiting for the next objective, I'll be cleaning up the last bits of the squad and the Rhino as well. i'll put up one final squad picture once everyone and everything is done.

01-02-2011, 16:06
Beautiful stuff, I'm working on a squad myself at the moment and admire the tidiness of the head pieces.

Keep it up, there needs to be a 1000 of these ;)

02-02-2011, 07:22
LOVE thousand sons and your paintjobs makes me love em even more

02-02-2011, 19:22
Looking great so far.
The thousand sons and the Sorceror are superb... the rhino, not quite as good. Although I personally like the blue, the gold looks a little plain and could do with more shading.

May I suggest using Leviathan purple on the gold areas. Water it down and use in the recesses to add shadow and contrast. As purple is a complimentary colour to yellow/gold it helps it stand out more. Also it gives an antique look to the gold which suits the Thousand Sons fluff nicely.

Hope that helps

Talon Raven
06-02-2011, 11:21
@ louen & Sureshot05
Thanks! Them's encouraging words =)

@ Frozenpyro71
Ah, thanks for the tip! Admittedly it's because the Rhino wasn't done yet. I'll try the Leviathan Purple wash once I get hold of that paint!

Walking the Lines of Heresy - Chaos Project Log 060211
And a very happy Chinese New Year to everyone! I admit that as a result of the holiday, I was slower in updating but I wanted to hold off showing anything until I had completed everything... which means yep, i've finally done up the Thousand Sons Rhino!

Oh, and it's my first time with freehand on a large surface. I've done lettering and banners before, but not on a large surface such as this. It still looks kinda empty at the top left corner, though... Maybe a scarab.





I admit that my weathering seems to look as though I was especially messy when painting.

And yep, the squad has been finished. I decided to figure out the force weapon another time. Was gettin' a little frustrated trying to achieve the effect (and a little lazy >_<).

Group picture!

And with that, the first squad is finished. This is a preview of the next squad!

18-11-2011, 02:42
fantastic mate. love the custom bases. never used cork, were do you get it from?

18-11-2011, 11:45
Really nice, makes me wish my Thousand sons were that well painted, am actually thinking of buying another box of them (or should I wait until fw get round to doing them.) that blue is really nice, only my HQ sorcerer is that good, it is very impressive your doing it on the whole army.
Are you going to be doing some more Thousand sons? (eithe squad of them or count as?)