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22-01-2011, 01:16
Just started VC, bought the batallion, so I'm stuck with 20 skellies, 10 ghouls. I'm guessing it's best to take summon ghouls or lord of the dead, so i can keep raising either or, but not both cause then it would be too many models, and points. I am thinking of just counting the ghouls as zombies, cause i hate wasting models, and you can never get too many zombies.

I also like the skeleton models better, and I like having a 5+/6+. The only advantage I see for ghouls is they are poison, and have T4.

22-01-2011, 02:29
I find Ghouls have many advantages over skeletons actually. Personally I prefer their models but that aside, they have poisoned attacks as you said, which is handy. Toughness 4 makes a huge difference and is pretty equal to a 5+ and 6++ depending on the strength of what you're facing. For Swordsmen and Halberdiers it's about even, but against Greatswords or a situation where you don't have a parry save (eg. stomp attacks) the ghouls will win out. And toughness 4 helps a lot against mortars and stone throwers, or anything with lot's of hits but low strength.
Ghouls also get an extra attack for the front rank guys and they have a slightly better WS, which probably won't help them much, but it means they won't be hitting on 5's until they face something with WS 7, instead of WS 5 (as skeletons will be).
The better LD they have is useful for crumbling too.

The main advantage is the better Initiative. Combined with the bound spell from the Corpse Cart that makes them Always Strike First, they'll be re-rolling misses against anything In 3 or less with poisoned attacks. (re-rolling with poisoned attacks is always fun) And that little combination can get them a lot of kills.

There's also Ghoulkin and stuff that can help get your ghoul units into combat fast and stuff like that.

That's not to say 'skeletons suck, never take them because Ghouls are better' Skeletons still have their uses. They can't reliably do any damage themselves, but they can provide good tarpits so your Knights or a Varghulf can get into the flank. Especially if there's a vampire in there with a Tomb Blade or similar. But otherwise, Ghouls can make very effective tarpits too, and kill some stuff as well. So yeah, I prefer the ghouls and think they're just outright better than skeletons.

EDIT: All that stuff is valid and true, but I forgot about the Blood and Glory scenario where you need standards. Ghouls cannot take standards so skeletons are somewhat needed, just to carry a standard so you don't auto lose 1/6 of your games. We've only really got 5 units that can have standards and zombies aren't that hard to scythe through and destroy and our cavalry are quite fragile so skeletons are probably your best bet for standard carrying.
So in answer to the thread title, both. But mainly ghouls. But it's really up to you.

22-01-2011, 10:18
Skeletons can have musicians, swift reform is a great advantage to have over ghouls. Then again, if you take ghoulkin, ghouls are one turn ahead of skellies already...

22-01-2011, 18:16
I say take both.

I use my Ghouls in a Horde formation. If I can get off Van Hels on them in combat, and combo that with the Helm of Commandment, that's a lot of dead bad guys.

I take my skellies 5 wide, usually 30-40 models as a big tarpit. Give them Full Command with the War Banner or Banner of Endless Nightmare and I point them towards the nearest threat. They usually will hold for as long as I need them to.

Ghouls are statistically better, but there are uses for both.

22-01-2011, 22:51


A couple of threads that you might find useful for tips. For a while it was a very hotly debate topic which ended up with a simple answer- Both are good/ bad for different reasons, whichever you prefer is usually the best one.

22-01-2011, 22:55
Skeletons= +1 banner fortitude and flaming banner as well as 6+ parry. I always take 1 now.

23-01-2011, 21:07
reasoning work for both as other have mentioned

Personally I go for skeletons

After all I had first intended to make an army relying on necromancers and Wight lords(had to eventually include a lvl 4 vamp)
and skeletons and wights and wraiths

wanted to avoid

zombies,ghouls,vampires,ghosts,bats,vargul(sp?) etc

as mentioned had to change a bit to be ok in play but it's still no ghouls or Zombies for me

23-01-2011, 22:29
I use both skeletons and ghouls as they bring different things to the table for similar cost. The cost of command is the only difference there.

Skeletons are a little more manoeuvreable on the table thanks to the benefits of swift reform (although they do need a boost to Ld for it to be reliable) and the extra static combat res along with a magical banner. The parry save and armour can also prove very useful against some foes.

Ghouls on the other hand are harder to wound with much better offensive potential thanks to poison and two attacks each. Another issue of note in their favour is better leadership. If you are unfortunate enough to lose your general then this does help.