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22-01-2011, 03:10
This one goes out to anyone who has experience of using a very orc-heavy army (ie, no goblin infantry or too much whacky stuff).

I've been collecting and painting orcs with no real clue how to form a good army - I just like having lots of orcs for that Rourke's Drift feel. So far I've collected 100 orcs armed with 2 choppas, and 40 orcs with spears/shields (that's a lot of orcs for a 2000pt list!). Add a couple of boar boyz units, a bit of artillery and a bunch of stone trolls and that's my army.

The plan is simple/stupid - march up the field, taking lots of casualties along the way, and hope I'm still strong enough to win the combat when you hit in turn 2 or 3. Usually I get slowed down or caught in crappy fights along the way and start blocking my own advance.

So is there any way to field a huge orc horde like this and still play "clever"? Any tips or tricks?

How should I organize them? eg 4 x 25 choppaboyz and 1 x spearboyz horde?

Any tips on formation and deployment? Especially to help survive the turn 1 & 2 turkey shoot? Should I line the units up side by side (protecting each others flanks but exposed to fire) or stack them behind each other for protection?

Should I line them up picket fence style and reform later? Or deploy them ranked up and march up like that? Or a bit of both?

My boar boyz get killed immediately. Is this normal? They're targeted quickly and it doesn't help that I usually try and make a quick dash over no-mans land towards the nearest easy target. Should I be hiding them behind the infantry and moving them out later in the game? Or keep trying to cross the field as soon as possible?

Any advice to stop me getting perpetually massacred would be very welcome.

22-01-2011, 05:57
I know you are trying to go all orc- but some goblin wolf riders would really help with what you are trying to do- they can be used to screen your much more expensive boar boyz-

With what you have I would try something like this- 3 units of orcs- one slightly larger than the other two- say 60 big unz, 40 boyz dual choppas, 40 with spears - All 3 units deploy in horde (the center faces exactly forward while the ones on either side are turned slightly or are 1 or 2 inches behind) units of boar boyz deployed in back- you march forward turn one, then depending on how close your opponent is your units on the side eventually do a swift reform to rank up deep, while your main horde charges in- they will be alone in combat for a turn- then on the following turn the entire horde should be in a position to charge- with the boar boyz charging through the gaps created by the swift reform-

Personally I think this is easier to do with chariots but if you want to use boar boyz you will just need to stay a little more spread out-

22-01-2011, 12:10
I tried to field an all-Orc army, but found I really needed some wolf riders in there just to add a bit of speedy interference. You can use units of 10 Arrer Boyz, but the M9 on the wolf riders gives you a bit of variety.

22-01-2011, 16:55
Thanks russellmoo and BigbyWolf.

My boar boyz are in need of an upgrade (the new models make the old ones look rubbish), so I guess this is the time to try something new. I like the idea of chariots, but whenever I play them they go painfully slowly until they get the charge (IF they get the charge!). But yes, they are capable of sneaking through the gaps, so worth a second look.

Wolf riders i've played a few times but they get shot to pieces within seconds (then again, if they're screening boar boyz, then that's their job!).

I'll try your suggestions.

Da GoBBo
23-01-2011, 00:06
On screening boar boyz, remember it is true LOS these days, making it very hard to screen them "yes I see the top of their scalps, I can see them, I have LOS". ... Sigh, I don't like TLOS.

Havn't played 8th yet so i'll speak from a 7th-and-have-an-impression-about-8th perspective. I have allways played mixed armies yet with a serieus amount of orcs. I have played an army with around 250 models, of which 150 orcs, at 2000 points for years and you pick up on things. We are an unwieldy army and have to be carefull with how we position, it is easy to cut yourself of and fight your opponents army at half strength. I found out a centre of 2 big blocks(30 back in pre8th) of (shield)orcs a general, BSB and 2 boarchariots worked very well. Difficult to shift and a really good anvil for the points. Adding a 3rd block to the centre never really worked for me, though I often backed them up with netting night goblins + fanatics for countercharging ones the centre locked.

Some things don't change. I think a solid orc centre should still have 2 big blocks (40, preferably 50) of orcs, both backed up by 2 chariots. With the new rules for special choices, you can now have no less than 6 chariots without characters, which is awesome IMO. These 2 blocks should be deep and resilient as take deny the opponent steadfast, chariots and characters should rack up kills (hence the second chariot per unit). Personally I would use the double choppa orcs as shield orcs, but we don't really do WYSIWYG. Shields have become less good than they were last edition, but so has the extra choppa (33% increase of attacks instead of 50% increase).

Good thing about two bunkers like this is that your opponent needs to tackle them. They can take care of themselves and should draw a lot of attention, even though they are relatively chap, meaning other elements of your army (like the boar boyz) should be more free to zip off.

You are pretty free to build whatever you want around this core, but I recommend a block of trolls within general/BSB range. The most important thing to keep in mind is the question how you will advance. I like to field black orcs aling with outflanking units on the flank with movement banner(s). They will fall behind a bit as not to hinder the rest of your army, but will catch up ones the waaagh is called.