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23-01-2011, 07:20
Ok, after a lot of games and lists with 8th i finallized my vamp list for allcomers and tourney inviroments.
Note that the list is twicked to my playing style and focuses on strengths and weakenesses of the Vamp army and 8th edition.

Here we go.


Vamp, level, master, forbidden (shadow),LoD,
Fencer Blades, Helm of command, crown of the damned.


Necro, invo+vanhels, dispel scroll, ironcurse icon
Vamp, BSB, Forbidden (death),Lychni,power scroll

40 zombies, banner, mus (either horde form or deep depending on opponents)
40 zombies, banner, mus (same)
40 ghouls, ghast (always in horde form to maximize attacks)
20 skels, fc,hellfire (bunker and watchtower unit to park in+flame/magic attacks-reroll to wound in buildings and regen negate)

1 coach (extra magic defence, extra marcher,machine/small unit hunter)
1 varg (extra marcher for random deploy setups, and machine/scout hunter)

The explaining part.

The Lord is obviously a support Vamp, giving WS10 when needed and Mindrazor to ghouls or zombies depending on the fights.
The RIP debuffs of shadow are always a pain to the enemy, situational depending on available PD.
LoD is there for 2 reassons, one to increase the bunker skells if a lot of template war machines are there and 2 if i defend the watchtower to park them inside and invo spam them.

The Necro is my favorite guy and my rolls for him are always good, obviously he packs a scroll for an uglly spell, extra invo guy for invo, vanhels when needed and the icon to have a small protection for my bunker.

The Vamp BSB, ok i know a lot will freak with hes setup but bear in mind were talking about allcomers and tourneys here. He gives me the extra break point for start, an extra caster for lost concentration, the ridiculusly broken combo of M9, purple sun+power scroll for low I armies (which in my experience=auto win even if he dies in the process), and he doesnt give +100pts if he dies from the warp.
Also, character sniper with the death spells (teclis with no dragon banner is an easy kill) and -3ld to pressure lists that relly heavy on steadfast and low cost models (skaven come to mind).

Core units
Zombies for the extra bodies to stop steadfast armies (by going deep and casting 1 IoN if needed), extra banners and good fighters if in horde with helm+mindrazor, and maybe if lucky enough vanhels for re-rolls.
Also the second best option to walk and park inside the watchtower after the second round and invo spam them.

Ghouls, these are my main hitters with extra attacks, horde and poison with the helm and shadow lore i can break/kill any deathstar unit.

Skellies are my Lord+Necro bunker as said, with backup LoD IF needed vs heavy template shooting and my only unit that can start inside the tower.

The varg is obviously there for the extra combat, march and to hunt machines and/or small skirmish fast cav units.
The Coach....OK this model has its ups and downs, but the option to suck PD from my opponent has proven golden in a lot of games. Big headache with its T6 and 3+/4++ especially when it gets etherial and is still on the board.
It can mess up my magic phase too but thats the reasson the list starts with a decent model count and drawing fire and PD ( and pits away from my main army) has helped in a lot of games.
She is one cannonball away from me handing 200pts to the enemy but im willing to take the risk since random scens and terrain can help in this situation.

Thats it, any comments would be appreciated, thanks.