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23-01-2011, 18:13
Hey peeps,

I'm back into Warhammer after many years of being out of it and I've always loved the Lizardmen, I had a small collection of them in 5th Ed till a flood ruined it all. Anyhow, I've posted a list below that I would like some criticism / praise / help with :)

My main opponents will be a DE Army (fond of assassins and Hydras), WoC, OK and Beastmen (fond of Minos). Any tactical advice would also be REALLY appreciated :) Thank you!

Scar Vet w/
Burning Blade of Chotec
Light Armour

Skink Priest w/
Rod of Storms
Level Two

16 Saurus Warriors
Full Command

16 Saurus Warriors
Full Command

10 Skink Cohorts

10 Skink Cohorts

07 Chameleon Skinks

02 Salamanders

Again, thank you to those who give me their time :)

23-01-2011, 18:24
like it:):)

24-01-2011, 01:46
Thank you sir :)