View Full Version : ar ulric's worth?

lord marcus
23-01-2011, 18:32
Hello all. I recently came into possession of the OOP ar ulric model, mint in blister, and I was wondering what my fellow warhammer players thought it was worth.

23-01-2011, 19:20
Depends on how much people want it, and of course how rare the figure is. There are some OOP models that I've seen on eBay go for quite high in the double digits, while others aren't too pricey and often they're about what they were worth before going OOP.

You might get a nice big sum of cash, or just a little bit of spending money from it.

23-01-2011, 19:22
Usually he goes for 10-20€/Pounds in Europe. It could be different for the U.S., though. Information based on eBay experiences. :)