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23-01-2011, 21:54
What are the best runes for a Dragon Slayer dwarf as far as monster/WM hunting goes? I figure Fire is a must for 5 points, but what else? My opponents will be playing primarily WoC (Chaos trolls, spawn, ogres, a Hell cannon and sometimes a giant), Skaven (HPA, WLC and 2 Doomwheels) and Dark Elves (He just bought a Hydra, but primarily uses a pair of RBTs and a huge number of WEs).

23-01-2011, 22:37
on a dragon slayer I suppose you could go for Rune of might and fire, OR rune of fire + m r of swiftness + grudge rune, OR rune of fire + m r of smiting

If you invest in a Demon slayer and you feel like spending the points why not invest in Master rune of smiting + rune of might + fire, could be good but is very very pricey

23-01-2011, 22:55
Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Might, and Rune of Fire for a Dragon Slayer is great for monster hunting, and not too shabby against other opponents as well since the Master Rune of Swiftness is much more important in 8th when you can't hit first on the charge!

Ideally backed up with a second, naked Dragon Slayer since the two only come to 155 points, and against a Hellpit Abomination and most other big nasties the two of them can usually destroy a monster in one or two rounds of combat without too much trouble. Against Regeneration the Always Strikes First Dragon Slayer will hopefully cause a wound and negate Regeneration for the other Slayer who can then deliver his 3 or 4 Strength 6 attacks (4 if the target's Toughness is 6 since he can just use his hand weapon option :))

Not sure the Daemon Slayer is worth the points. With the above combo he can fill either role more effectively, but that would push you up to 215 points, if you're okay with investing that many points you could just as easily get another Dragon Slayer for 205! Or as a separate slayer to protect war machines etc.

24-01-2011, 03:52
I'll give those a try.

24-01-2011, 11:20
If its is for friendly play, make sure you check the Slayer options on the Slayer Army of SoC.

27-01-2011, 22:08
Step one: Buy a dwarf cannon set.
Step two: Buy a Dwarf Slayer set
Step 3: Cut off hands of slayers.
Step 4: Glue on hands of cannon crew.
Step 5: Give Rune of Fire to the Cannon
Step 6: Kill monsters

Seriously though slayers are really not that great at monster killing. You'd be better with a str 10 flaming stone thrower or cannon. If you must then the build havarrik said look good. I'd go Might, Smiting, Fire. Str 8 flaming d6 wounds attacks will maul trolls, hellpits and hydras in the face!