View Full Version : Red Fury and Dread Lance

23-01-2011, 22:59
Probably (cetrtainly?) an oldie but I could not find anything under search or FAQ (please dont shoot me if I'm blind or cannto use search properly!)

1) Attacks with Dread Lance hit automaticly. Does that mean any more attacks you would get for red fury also hit automaticly?

2) After the charge can you still use the lance for auto hits (but not with the strength bonus?) or do you count as a hand weapon?

23-01-2011, 23:10
1. Yes
2. This is still under discussion. My belief is that you switch to your hand weapon when not charging as that is the rule for lances. Some believe that the rule requiring use of a magic weapon overrides this. Discuss it with your opponent before it comes up.

23-01-2011, 23:18
1. Yup.
2. It's a lance so follows all the rules for lances.
One of which is doing nothing when not mounted or in round 2.