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24-01-2011, 10:01
Guys, I have a few really cool ideas for conversion armies. However, I have never done any green-stuff in my life, and I have no clue where to start.

Can anyone give me some inspiration on how to start making a theme-converted army? Also, some tips on where to start with green-stuff would be very helpful.

Some ideas I have came up thus far:
1. Band of the Hawk from Berserk manga - WOC where normal human have uniform armour (aka. Marauder with light armour) and Demon army using Warrior, Knights, and Trolls/Ogre (the Big Dudes). I also plan to have Griffith and Gutz in there just for laugh.

2. Army based on Old Asia style with Elephants and stuff - Lizardmen with stegadon as elephants and giving some robes/pants for the saurus on foot. Saurus characters will get some black armour. Slann will have white robe and becomes sort of witch doctor.

3. Knight on Foot - I always like armoured dudes on foot, so probably will use Empire instead of Brittonnian, since they have Greatswords. Normal Swordmen and Halberdier will also get some kind of armour instead of puffy clothings. I think this might be the easiest for conversion, as I can just cut and replace arms and legs... although I would enjoy no. 1 and 2 more.

Any comments and critics please. :D

24-01-2011, 10:48
I had some ideas for a pre-Eclipse Band of the Hawk army. It was ages ago, but i think i would have used Brettonia for the rules, but use Empire Cavalry models. In the manga you see Guts, Griffith, Caska, even Corkus, Pippin, Judaeu and Rickert riding horses to war, they have huge cavalry units. My idea spanned more around Guts having a large cavalry unit as his Raiders, Judeau and/or Rickert leading some Peasant archers and Pippin and Corkus leading men-at-arms. Caska could lead more cavalry knights or on-foot knights. Griffith would probably lead a flying-cav unit, even though there are no Pegasus in Berserk.

I liked the idea, anyway :P

24-01-2011, 11:07
Where to start with greenstuff? If you ask me, not with a themed army. Make some conversions for your current armies first, because if you find out it's too bothersome or you can't manage, you won't have started an army you won't finish.

Other than that, with the Berserk army, you're going to struggle gameplay wise w/o a mage, and they don't ever use artillery (the only instance I can think of artillery used on their side is when they lure some enemy cavalry to an allied castles gate where canons await). It's really just some infantry and a majority of cavalry, with some archers or xbowmen iirc (been while I've read that part, I'm at tome 32, 33 released in 2 days :D ).

The asian themed army will require everything to be converted (well the others too, but much less so), it's certainly not a good pick for a first attempt.

The knights on foot, well, if you don't blink at expense, they're rather easy, mixing the goldsword kit with whatever knights you want :)

24-01-2011, 11:16
Well, the "new" band of the hawk doesnt see much artillery usage, but theres the little psychic girl that could be used as a wizard.

Pre-Eclipse, in Guts' first mission where he protects the rear of the fleeing units, they used cannons to blast the pursuing cavalry. Not sure if those cannons were actually the Band of the Hawks' or just borrowed from the Fort they were staying in.

24-01-2011, 11:28
The "new" band of the Hawk? they're not numerous enough to even make a Mordheim party :p
Anyway there's really a new band of the Hawk, and Guts is not in it :p I guess this archer apostle could make a convincing artillery though :p

24-01-2011, 11:36
He could make a good bolt-thrower!

24-01-2011, 11:54
A necron army based up to be played like TK in fantasy - playes on the idea that the 40k and fantasy universes are linked, and the old ones are the same as in 40k.

Actually there is one piece of writing by GW which could be used an excuse for this. At the back of the necron codex there is a small passage about fighting lizardmen ('Legacy of the Old Ones' i believe).

The idea is to have scarabs as tomb swarms, Tomb spiders as Scorpions, Warriors as your basic skeleton etc...

A good colorscheme would be bone.


24-01-2011, 16:56
Hi Thruster, I have made some attempts at converted armies, and theme armies. I would suggest that you make a very strong plan before you do any modelling. If you are going to choose to represent the Hawk guys (I am not familar with the manga, sorry) choose an army that plays to your style and has rules that will fit your army theme.
Are their other miniature lines out there that you can use to represent your models rather than using alot of greenstuff? A long time ago there was an art teacher who made a 40K army almost entirly of greenstuff. He was a sculptor and his work was featured in Whitedwarf.
Do you want your army to look really good or are you concerned with how the rules and army list will compete with other armies? If it is just for looks that will open up more possibilities for you. For example a were-sharks army using Ogre Kingdoms rules and list. You wouldn't take a scraplauncher, no gnoblars, no lead belchers. Just the big ogre guys, maybe a slave giant or a tyrant on a rhinox represented by a were-megalodon. Be creative. As long as your opponent knows what they are facing and the base size is correct the model doesn't matter as much.

24-01-2011, 17:17
Thanks everyone for the comments.

In here, you can see that Band of the Hawk (after apocalypse) actually have cannons http://www.mangareader.net/96-1154-8/berserk/chapter-298.html Since I don't really like to rely on range weapons too much, I want to use WOC and have Demon army in them. Even then, I don't know how to convert the spear dudes to have the same looking armour though....

@Urgat: I think you've made a good point. To start using green stuff first before make a theme army. Do you have any links that teach you how to use that stuff?

@AM1640: I like the play-style of WOC(foot troops) rather than Empire(shooty) and Bretonnian(Cavalry) that's why I put Band of the Hawk as my No.1 interest. The problem is how to convert the army....

24-01-2011, 17:38
The spear dudes are easy, you take the empire pistoliers, and you give them other legs :)
As for the greenstuffing... hold a sec, brb :p

Rigth, I didn't find the source, I got a pdf but I don't know wether I'm allowed to post that or not, but anyway you can find it there:
http://www.scribd.com/doc/30346089/Sculpting-Tut01 That's one among many other tuts you can find by googling, but the one I started with (I don't remember why this one in particular, though).
Though to be honest, I quickly stopped following any advices and did it my own way :p
Anyway, as a side opinon, I do think Griffith mercs (and especially later on when he gets the recognition from the king and gets more political) would be much better portrayed by the Empire rules.

24-01-2011, 18:00
Wow, this is great article on green stuff.. Thanks!!

The only problem I don't like Empire miniatures is that they are too puffy!!!

24-01-2011, 18:15
Ah but you want to convert, no? :p I'm only talking about rules there :) Besides a couple crazy guys (Guts and Pippin, really), the WoC book just doesn't fit. Well imho.

25-01-2011, 12:35
Well, the "new" band of the hawk doesnt see much artillery usage, but theres the little psychic girl that could be used as a wizard.

Another reason I want to use the "new" Band of the Hawk as Gav2k stated was that they have both cannons (Hell Cannon) and psychic girl (wizard). Those and couple with some demon dudes in human form (Warriors) can give me some fighting chance. If I had went with the very first Band of the Hawk, although I can convert some very cool characters, I don't think I can play them competitively.

25-01-2011, 13:13
Sigvald the Magnificent is also a great starting point for a Griffith model. Only problem i can see is getting his face to look softer and more androgynous. I think WoC could work fine if played right. The "new" Band has plenty of non-Demon members, i guess they could be Marauders? Im actually not that intimate with WoC units so forgive me if anything is out of place.

As was mentioned before, Trolls would make good Naga (the giant-guys), and you could even have a Dragon, seeing as the Naga-Apostle turns into one. And, of course, a Bloodthirster counts as Daemon-Prince for Zodd :D

26-01-2011, 09:45
..a Bloodthirster counts as Daemon-Prince for Zodd :D

Gav2k, this is a very good idea indeed. Zodd as Khrone Daemon-Prince.. hur hur... :D

So, it's set, I'll go with the "new" Band of the Hawk army.

Now, can anyone give me some idea on how to convert the models to look like them please?

I think the demon army, I can just mix normal warrior with spawn bitz.
The problem are the normal guys... I think I'll use marauder base and use empire body... now how do I get rid of those puffy arms? :shifty: