View Full Version : Please help bulk out my Ogres to 1500pts

24-01-2011, 09:44
Morning all, Below is the makings of a list using every model I own, with some items that I want feedback on. Basically I have bought the battalion, with an extra box of bulls, a Tyrant and a Butcher.

The Bulls I have modelled with Ironfists because they look cool, however people tend not to take them for some reason? The Tyrant has the 2 headed great weapon (Tenderiser?) because thats all it came with in the blister (I bought the Tyrant model from a friend, everything else was new from GW).

How would you bulk out this list to 1500pts?

Bruiser: 192pts
Cath. Longsword. Heavy Armour. Enchanted Shield. Wyrdstone Necklace. Mawseeker. Other Trickters Shard

Butcher: 155pts
Dispel Scroll

6 Bulls: 240pts
Bellower. Standard Bearer

6 Bulls: 240pts
Bellower. Standard Bearer

4 Ironguts: 242pts
Bellower. Standard Bearer. Rune Maw

34 Gnoblar Fighters: 68pts

2 Leadbelchers: 110pts

2 Leadbelchers: 110pts

That totals 1357pts

Any advice on what to add would be greatly appreciated.

Torpedo Vegas
24-01-2011, 14:58
Scraplauncher would be good. Look out Gnoblar on the Irongut standard.

24-01-2011, 16:21
agreed, scraplauncher:)

25-01-2011, 07:06
in my own opinion, you should Turn Leadbelchers to bulls