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24-01-2011, 19:41
Zup :D. Fancied a change from the combat theme of all my armies and was thinking of some new army ideas. I jotted down a quick skink Lizard list with the following. It will be bought on a campaign system, but will be used with special characters afterwards;


*Slaan Mage priest w. 2 Diciplines (Focus of Rumination, Focus of Mystery), BSB, Plaque of Divine Protection (2+ against shooting), Cupped hands of the Old ones, Sun standard of Chotec = 490
He will be on his own, practically impervious to shooting. About a 1/4 of my army. Not sure what lore though. Life seems a bit pointless. Maybe shadow for - T on blowpipes?



*Oxyotol = 160
Like the retro model, fancy incorperating his sniper blow pipe into the army.

*Skink Chief, Stegadon, Warspear = 340
Heard he's pretty good for going into a unit and unleashing horrendus amounts of impact and thunderstomp (not to mention S6 Cheiftain and the stegadon :p)



*6 x 12 Skink Skirmishers = 504
Minimum Blowpipe goodness. Dont really like ranked up T2 Skinks.



* 2 x 7 chaemoleon skinks w. stalker = 184
Good warmachine killers



Ancient Steagdon = 275
Like da Blowpipes :evilgrin:

TOTAL = 1953

This gives me a few points in hand. i really want to drop some skinks (Regular ones. But i obviously cant beacuse of Min. core). And one steg on its own seems a bit suicidal. A cheaper slaan prehaps? I just gave him everything i thought was aplicable. And i really want some salmanders.



25-01-2011, 11:28
The army i run is as follows:

Priest (etherial, all spells from light, +1 dice to cast, cupped hands)
2x10 skirmishers
40 cohorts + 4 Kroxigor
2x10 Chamelion Skinks
2x Stegadon
2x2 Salamanders

In this kind of list, you really have to rely on the other elements of the army performing well as your core just cant cut it in a fight (salamanders, Stegs, Chamelions, Slaan).

People will say i am mad by bringing a large cohort to the battle but with the WS10, I10 and ASF buffs from Light they become really nasty and can most basic infantry units in a fight.

For your list, be sure to watch out in breakpoint missions (Slaan dies, you loose). I would also drop Oxyotl (as he isnt all that good) and invest his points into Salanders.


25-01-2011, 21:19
Oxyotol not that hot got it. With my remaining points, should buy me 3-4 Salamanders.

But are cohort skinks that useful?. I mean, one mortar and POOF.

And should I get salamanders? Or razordons.

25-01-2011, 22:49
Salamanders are the way to go here. They do a fantastic job of thinning out large units.

As for the cohorts, its down to personal taste. Ive only had a couple of games with mine but it is performing OK. They need magical support though as without it they melt (very) easily.

I can see some use coming out of a couple of small units with 2 Krox as flankers to sarus blocks but as we are bringing no sarus its not a viable tactic.


26-01-2011, 07:36
TBH, compared to the rest of the GW boxes they do, it's quite good value for money. I could play around with both.