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Prince Sairion
24-01-2011, 20:17
Although I haven't posted in a while in my plog, the army is still being assembled and playtesting underway.

I have a tournament on the distant horizon, which is 2200, playing ALL of the six scenarios over a weekend. I can't say I'm a fan of how ogre armies come together in 8th - very hard to write!

This is my latest incarnation - please give me your thoughts. . .

Tricksters helm, wrdstone necklace, long sword, heavey armour

Scroll, bloodcleaver

Crown of command, mawseeker, enchanted shield, heavy armour

std, mus, lookout gnoblar

std, mus, lookout gnoblar

mus, std, lookout, banner of eternal flame

27 GNOBLARS (27 due to points left over)




This should all come to 2199pts.

24-01-2011, 20:51
I always think leadbelchers work well MSU, lots of them (3 units of 2 that is). That way they can pile on lots of pain at differant times, and sicard units that lose a model.

Scrap launchers are ace. And better than slave giants. 2 units of 20 gnoblars, 2 scrap launchers are very useful.

I personally prefer Talismain of Preservation, Flying Carpet, Enchanted shield, Longsword, heavy armour Tyrant. Mainly because he flys. But also, he can get into the fight and act like a very devastating flank charger. But, on foot, he's pretty useful.


30-01-2011, 11:03
I would agree with thesheriff, ditch the giant and a leadbelcher in favour of another scraplauncher as well as a second unit of gnoblars, as they ae so much better than giants. These do, in my experience, just tend to die ^^ Otherwise looks like a well written list, should perform well.

01-02-2011, 14:10
Seems like a good list but i have only just started OK.
Can you tell me how much this list would cost to put together please?
(i cant check gamesworkshop website from my phone)

01-02-2011, 14:26
While I've not played a watchtower scenario for a while, I was under the impression that it has to be infantry in the tower at the start. Should you have a unit of 20 gnoblars to sit in a tower and (try to) hold it until the big boys get there?

On the subject of small units of leadbelchers, yes they're flexible and useful, but they're also relatively easy points. In a game where 100 Victory points is the win margin, losing 2 models is quite easy and could cost you in the long term.

I tend to agree on the "giant = free points to most opponents" point of view, but wait for jind to get over here and he'll be painting "giants are great" all over the place (he seems to be on a "giant is for life, not just for christmas" rampage).

Other than that I can offer you no advice whatsoever, as I have virtually no knowledge of ogres

EDIT: I just remembered your lead belcher models, take them... as many as you can make