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24-01-2011, 21:36
Can I use indirect fire in a way that are most likely to hit enemy units in melee?
big block of slaves is fighting with halberds and i shoot to 4 inches in front of it of course, as indirect fire, and although I do not have any units of the enemy without combat

24-01-2011, 21:43
I believe you can, but thats whats called poor sporty shipppppp.

24-01-2011, 22:22
If your unit is Skaven Slaves you are allowed to just shoot into the combat.

25-01-2011, 11:35
I'm sure in the rulebook it says you can't do this however if u are aiming at a unit directly next to a combat then that would surly be fine (fingers crossed on scatter).

25-01-2011, 15:05
By RAW, double yes. You may place the templete wherever you wish, just not over your own units or units in CC. And Slaves are "cheap", the usual target restrictions do not apply.

25-01-2011, 15:27
P39 seems to make it pretty clear that you're only supposed to hit friendlies "by accident". If you're aiming your stonethrower 1 inch from combat so it might drift in, that's no accident! ;)

This tactic would annoy me in casual game, and get the lowest possible sports score in a tourney.

edit: Obviously this isn't applicable to slaves, which I understand have a special rule (don't really know skavan)

27-01-2011, 17:04
Skavenslaves has the special rule "Expendable". It allows skaven to voluntarily target ranged attacks at enemy units engaged in close combat whith slaves (but no other friendly troops). Hits = randomised

27-01-2011, 17:05
Proof = skaven armybook p36

27-01-2011, 18:46
They removed the part about randomizing in the FAQ.

28-01-2011, 04:39
It's true you can just shoot your opponent while fighting them, it's pretty broken.

28-01-2011, 15:48
But if it is a genuine accident, fair game, right? :)

28-01-2011, 15:57
But if it is a genuine accident, fair game, right? :)
If it's a genuine accident, say you were aiming 8" to the right directly over a unit and it scatters then you're perfectly fine (IMO). Aiming at empty ground 6" in front of the unit may not be considered an "accident" if it scatters there. Up to your opponent, I think. As long as the hole is over an enemy model when you fire it I'd consider it an "accident".

Funny that the cannon rules won't let you even take the shot if there's a chance it could hit the unit in combat. One advantage of the other war machines, I guess.