View Full Version : Warlord and Ogres (Skaven)

Dante blackfur
25-01-2011, 00:36
Hey all, I wanted to get your opinion on a unit of rat Ogres, and a warlord, If you were to mount the warlord on a RO, it would only be 25 pts more ten a standard RO, SO I was thinking something along the lines of,

x5 Rat Ogres +3 packmasters = 224 pts
x1 Warlord w/ Rat ore Bone-breaker = 155 pts

Total Pts spent = 379 pts

plus you could still ave his 100 pts of magic allowance but but putting him in the RO unit, would give him LOS since there would be at least 5 Rank-and-file models in the unit. So what do you tink? even remotely worth it?


25-01-2011, 04:25
You wont get LOS due to RO and BB being different unit types. (one's MI the other is MC)

Otherwise I use this pretty often and it seems to do well enough. Give him the +1A +1S weapon and set them lose on some squishy targets, just beware of anything with S4 or more and cannons (or anything else that can target models with range)

PS I also upgrade a ROgre to champion :P

25-01-2011, 16:47
I use this, plus giving him the fellblade, if my warlord is not my general (I either have another warlord or the grey seer is the general) It is great for monster killing, and Stank killing-

The reason he doesn't make a good general is that Rogres tend to get pulled away from the fighting and your main blocks of troops- leading to leadership difficulties- in a supporting role he is absolutely devastating-