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Kathie von Vhoorl
25-01-2011, 22:45
Here is my latest attempt at improving my painting techniques. I did not use any black on this model. All of the shading is done with glazes of blue or purple that I mixed up myself (another thing I was trying out). I still haven't reached a comfortable point with the consistency of glazes of how to use them, but I learned a little on this little guy.

I saw this mini online and could not pass it up. He is such a little cutey and Cthulhu is one of Nemissary's favorite things. I painted it up for Nem and I used a custom base that Nem makes and casts himself.

Comments and criticisms needed and encouraged. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, this is here for me to get feedback and learn to be better. :)






Thanks for looking

26-01-2011, 10:17
Its garbage! No I mean youre one of the best painters on here, I think you leveled up. You must have a magic +5 to painting amulet or something.

26-01-2011, 10:36
Looking very nice! I like the bold highlights you've used here, since they really increase the depth of the mini.
Areas to work on (and this is criticism on a really high level!) might be some even smoother blending (even though this already is very good), and the claws, which are a little... bland? (can't find a better word) Maybe try and paint them in a more contrasting colour. A red tone might work fine together with the eyes.
Keep it up!

Monsterzonk :skull:

26-01-2011, 10:45
That is pretty darn amazing. The skin looks very gribbly. Nice job!

26-01-2011, 10:45
what he said.. goddammit it is awesome!

26-01-2011, 10:52
Awww, who's the cutest widdle destroyer of civilizations, then? You are! Yes, you are!

I like this one too, I think the floor tile effect has improved, plus there's a good use of the water effect, causing the lower tentacles to glisten nicely.

26-01-2011, 10:53
He looks sorta cute yeah. :P

Cpt. Mcallister
26-01-2011, 13:16
Wow, Lil´ Cthulhu looks awesome :) Did you also shaded the shovel with your blue and purple glazes or did you used a brown glaze?

26-01-2011, 16:48
At first: Nice to see, that good shading is possible without "the shady-per-se" black.
Also the mini is pretty cool, I wonder where you got it from?
Because my cousin, a great cthulhufan and passioned gamemaster of the Cthulhu RPG with and celbrates his recent birthday^^. So this one fits very well.

So please say, wich artist or company produces lil' cthulhu?

Kathie von Vhoorl
26-01-2011, 17:33
Thanks everyone!

@monsterzonk: I will do that. i didn't even see the toenail problem until I photgraphed him. :)

@Cpt. Mcallister: Ahh I forgot about the shovel. I did use a reddish brown on that.

@harlekin: I found him with these guys- http://www.maow-miniatures.fr/english.htm

26-01-2011, 22:52
Thank you very much! :)

27-01-2011, 16:13
That's so cute. :)

06-02-2011, 18:52
This little guy is haunting me. Alt-tabbing between this site and cool-mini-or-not and I end up with him on both sites at the same time!

I think it may be a sign for me to order one for myself!

Really nice mini, I love the slimeyness of the base!

06-02-2011, 19:36
Ia Ia Fhtagn Cthu...hey wait a minute he's smaller than we imagined.

Very nice, are you going to make him a mini-r'lyeh too ? :D