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Nice Kans
26-01-2011, 04:35
I brought a 2500 list with me and we wanted to test out my opponents upcoming 2000 point tourney list. I started to cut out 500 points from my list so we could get started. This left me forgetting to put my Doom Flayer in the game. In the end it did not make much of a difference.
Sorry for the terrible cell phone pics. I found my camera so my next pics will be better

Skaven list

Grey Seer

Assassin - potion of strength, weeping blade
Chieftan - bsb
Plague Priest - flail, plague furnace

28 clanrats - shield, clawleader, std B
3 x 50 slaves

35 plague monks - bringer of the word, std B, banner of verminous scurring
7 jezzails

Hellpit abominiation
warp lightning cannon

WoC list

huge unit of marauders with a lvl 4 wizard and 2 lvl 2 wizards
16 chaos warriors
5 or 6 knights with a mounted character
giant mark of slaanish

We rolled up the watchtower scenario and WoC started with control of the tower. He puts the unit of warriors in the tower.

Skaven Deployment
WOC Deployment
whole table view of deployment

This is my first time using an assassin. Before we got started I marked the slave unit closest to the rest of his army as the unit the assassin would hide in.

Skaven Turn 1

I knew he would be trying to get into close combat but I wanted to give my shooting a turn to unload on him and counter charge. That left the plage monks and furnace to wait for a turn. The left most slave unit waited for the WoC to come to them. The clan rats unit with the BSB and grey seer march forward to try and get out of the forst that caused stupidity. The middle slave unit wheels 90 degrees and moves forward a little to try and get the typical skaven traffic jam situated. The slave unit the furthest away from the action marches to get around the watchtower and setup for a flank charge later in the game. My hellpit abomination rolls rediculously high and puts himself in a very nice spot to get charged next turn.

In the magic phase nothing significant happens. I didn't get enough dice to cast curse of the horned rat. I think I killed a few marauders with warp lightning.

In shooting I unload the cannon and jezzails on the giant and didn't get a single wound

End of Turn Pic

WoC Turn 1

The giant charges my hellput abominiaton. The marauders move up a little. He wanted to try and avoid my monks and furnace so he moves up the knights a little and wheels them to get ready for a charge next turn.

In magic he ends up rolling short or I dispell everything.

In combat the giant and hellpit abomination beat the hell out of each other but are both standing. Mark of slaanish giants with ASF is just nasty and wrong, wrong, wrong.

End of Turn Pic

Skaven Turn 2

No charges this turn for me but I did burn my Banner of Verminous Scurrying to charge my furnace in the knights face. I had a nice flank shot for the furnace template shooting attack. Only a few monks die in from the banner effects. My left most slaves march forward and the middle slaves wheel and march forward. The furthest slaves wheel and march.

In the magic phase the great horned rat smiled on my and gave me enough dice to successfully get off the curse of the horned rat with out IF and turned the entire unit of warriors inside the watchtower into clanrats. This was devistating magic phase. I also get off bless with filth of my monk unit.

In shooting the furnace attack kills 3 of the knights. The jezzails and warp lightning cannon fail to wound the giant.

In combat the giant kills and hellpit abomination and the too horrible to die roll result made it dead, dead, dead.

End of Turn Pic

WoC Turn 2

The giant charges my clanrat unit with my bsb and greyseer. I choose for them to flee in stead. I learned a valuable lesson this turn in that I need to be WAY more careful with this expensive unit. It turns out that the bsb and unit banner goes bye bye if it flees. Its a good thing we were not playing for points this game. The giant elects to charge the slave unit now. The knights had a frenzy banner that forced it to charge my tarpit plague monk/furnace unit. The marauders move up a little.

Nothing significant happens in this magic phase with all rolls coming up short or me dispelling them.

In combat I reveal my assassin and gets a few wounds on the giant. The giant kills a rank of slaves in return. The plague monks roll VERY VERY unlucky for the furnace fumes attack and at about 12 or so die in one turn. The knights kill a ton more plague monks and the Bringer of the Word is slaughtered by the mounted characters challenge.

End of Turn Pic

Skaven Turn 3

My assassin drinks the potion of strength.

My slaves furthest away get close for a definite charge next turn possibly in the marauders flank. The clanrats with the grey seer rally. The middle slaves march forward.

In the magic phase I get off the curse of the horned rat AGAIN with no IF killing about 14 marauders.

In shooting the warp lightning cannon misfires the second result and the jezzails kill a few marauders.

In combat the assassin leaves the giant with just a wound or two left. The giant kills tons of slaves. The mounted character challenges the plague priest and they both survive the round of combat. Tons more plague monks die.

End of Turn Pic

WoC Turn 3

The marauders pivot backwards to make sure any charging units can only charge the front.

Nothing of significance happens in the magic phase.

In combat the assassin finally kills the giant. The mounted character kills the plague priest.

End of Turn Pic

Skaven Turn 4

I charge the marauder unit with all 3 units of slaves. The clanrat unit with the grey seer marches forward to get out of the stupidity forest.

In magic nothing important happens.

I cant shoot at anything because everything is in combat.

In combat the mounted character almost wipes out the plague monks. We both completely forgot to use Steadfast and subtracted the combat resulution score from all 3 slave units. I won't ever let that happen again. It was a bad mistake that made me lose 2 huge units of slaves and the assassin who was in one of the units. Another lesson learned was that I should have charged with the assassin from the slave unit and challenged the unit to kill the damn casters. These were some of the most important lessons I took from this game. Tons of marauders die.

End of Turn Pic

WoC Turn 4

In the magic phase he gets off a death spell with a large template that causes some stat test or kills the model which scatters horribly away from the entire battle.

In combat the mounted character kills all the monks and the furnace crew and fumes attack kills the mounted character.

End of Turn Pic

Skaven Turn 5

Between magic and all of my shooting the last of the chaos warriors are wiped out. Skaven win.

End of game pic

27-01-2011, 15:41
I thought banners only died when breaking from combat? not generally fleeing...

nice rep though, looking forward to improved pictures

Nice Kans
27-01-2011, 17:40
We could be wrong but after he reviewed the rules thats what we went with. It seemed really harsh for fleeing a charge to lose both my BSB and the unit std B.

31-01-2011, 00:37
Fairly sure if you flee as a charge reaction the standard and BSB dont die.

31-01-2011, 02:27
Also the warpcannon and Jezzails can only fire into combat if slaves are the only skaven units in it, so they couldn't fire into the combat with the giant\abomination.

Also, I find that charging one unit with multiple units of slaves isn't worth it - They are going to usually die more than they can kill. The point of them is to tie somethin up so you can either shoot into that combat or get a flank on later. Just my experience so far

The WoC player really should have targetted that assassin with his giants attacks... Good report though!

31-01-2011, 17:06
great report

31-01-2011, 19:32
Thanks for the report. And sorry to say, I must smile when a giant kills an HPA, or even earns its points back. :)

02-02-2011, 06:22
Go giant! :D

Thanks for the report.

Nice Kans
02-02-2011, 11:57
Mark of Slaanish on a giant that gives it ASF is just so wrong.