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26-01-2011, 19:07
a list for an little tournament.

Lord : 625 pts (25%)

Spellweaver : 275 pts
lvl4 / divination orb (my book is in french 1 dissip dice free if he use more than 3 dice)

Ancient treeman : 350 pts
Annoyance of Netlings

Hero : 130 pts (5.2%)

hero BSB : 130 pts
Hail Of Doom/Asyendi's bane

Core : 1095 pts (43.8%)

10 Glade Guard /musician / Banner : 138 pts
10 Glade Guard /musician / Banner : 138 pts
10 Glade Guard /musician / Banner : 138 pts
10 Glade Guard /musician / Banner : 138 pts

12 Dryads : 144 pts
12 Dryads : 144 pts

5 scout : 85 pts
5 scout : 85 pts
5 scout : 85 pts

i have a big doubt about utility of scout.

Special: 410 pts (16.4%)

6 treekin /Elder : 410 pts


5 Waywatchers : 120 pts
5 Waywatchers : 120 pts

Total: 2500 pts

please be honnest.

26-01-2011, 19:54
I recommend making one big unit of ten scouts. I have used this twice and it can be used to draw off enemy units. You deploy within 15 inches and then just have them follow you where they are not a threat. It is also good for rearcharges and warmachine hunters. also, if you do this, i would get rid of 4 dryads for 2 units of 10, get rid of the elder, and get rid of the 5 man unit of scouts to make a scout noble to go with your scouts so they can pack a punch in combat if they attack the enemy's rear. Also what I did once was have the hero leave the scouts and have the scouts charge the unit that was following them. If they survive one turn you can charge in the flank with your hero. Or when your hero leaves you can send him to aid in the main fight with your dryads and treekin. Scouts take a lot of bad crap from people but if you use them correctly they can be competitive.

26-01-2011, 20:55
My advice is don't take scouts. Use the points for more Waywatchers.

And I would rather have a protected bsb than a flimsy one.


27-01-2011, 00:38
First thanks for your answer.

I realy like the idea of hero scout i will try it.
And TheSheriff idea of 2 X 10 waywatcher is good too, but i don't see what you want say by protect my bsb if she stay in GG why protect her?