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26-01-2011, 20:00
The Twinkle Toes

Hello all,

On Feb 4th I head off to my 1st ever weekend tournament - Gottocon. I am torn between taking my normal army, the Greenskins, and my second army - The Ogre Kingdoms!

For a 2500pt list I was considering:

Tyrant - Tenderiser, Gut Maw, Wrydstone Necklace, heavy armour, Luck-Gnoblar

Slaughter Master - Blood Cleaver, 3 Gnoblar Thief-stones, 3 Tooth-Gnoblars

Bruiser BSB, Armour of destiny,

Butcher, Rock Eye

6 Iron Guts, full command, look-out Gnoblar, Rune Maw
6 Bulls, champion, musician
6 Bulls, champion, musician
8 Trappers

Scrap Launcher
3 Yhetees


Yhetees are there in case I run into something that can only be harmed by magical attacks, and although they aren't as useful as before (in 7th they were the kings of flanking), they still got decent stats, and the 7" move can make all the difference.
Gorger is just there to cause a distraction the turn he arrives, not much else!
Trappers are there to annoy war-machines, not much else.

Things I don't like: Very limited number of Ogres! No Gnoblars! Not sure what shape steadfast is going to leave me - but the other week I saw the Ogres chew threw 20 Greatswords in just a few turns - so they can't be all that bad! If I run into High Elves with Lions/Sword Masters I'm also going to be pooped!

26-01-2011, 23:33
Il go unit by unit with my tweaks that I would do.

Tyrant-Cool challenge build. I have not done something like this before myself but it strikes me as being very synergetic.

Slaughter Master-i don't really like this item set up that much. The cleaver is fine but it will be your only source of durability in close combat. I also don't think that the tooth gnoblars are that great. I am not sure about the triple thiefstones either as you already have the runemaw. I would drop the gnoblars for a ward save and replace the thiefstones with a dispel scroll on this guy or the other butcher. If you run him in a unit of bulls rather than IGs consider Grut's Sickle as it allows you to 1 die spam and get a free extra die to prevent ending your magic phase the first time you roll a 1 or 2.

Bruiser-Pretty much fine. I would go Talisman of Preservation and Ironcurse Icon myself and just pay the extra pts for mundane heavy armour.

Butcher-Give him a dispel scroll. Make sure it will be closed lists for that rock eye to work!

Ironguts-A bit small of a unit but not too tiny.

Bulls-I would combine these units into 1 unit of 12, as bulls with only WS3 S4 before buffs really are not all that threatening in small units. They will get beaten by anything elite or held up by tarpits until something elite comes along.

Trappers-I would replace these with a unit of regular gnoblars not because they are bad but because your list has no gnoblar unit to rune maw stuff onto.

Scrap Launcher-Is good.

Yheetees-They are really pretty bad. Given the HPAs running around all over the place lots of people will be running the flaming banner or have some other choice of flaming in their lists. It only takes one round of flaming attacks or shots against these guys to eliminate the reason that they are in your list. Against all but the largest of ethereal units (which are super heavy point sinks) your 2D6 S2 hits magic missile and magic weapon tyrant should be able to eat ethereals for breakfast. I would definitely replace these guys with something.

Gorger-I really like gorgers. I know that some people do not but personally I find them useful more often than not.

Slavegiant-He will get shot (or ignored) hopefully distracting warmachines away from your main blocks.

As far as replacing the yhetees. I would use the points to add more guys to your Ironguts unit. I would replace the gnoblar trappers with fighters so you have a good runemaw target.

27-01-2011, 16:52
The Twinkle Toes - Revision 2
That's some mighty fine tips - thank you! Here's another try at the list - what do you think?

Tyrant - Tenderiser, Gut Maw, Wrydstone Necklace, heavy armour, Luck-Gnoblar

Slaughter Master - Grut's sickle, 3 Tooth-Gnoblars

Bruiser BSB, Armour of destiny, luck Gnoblar

Butcher, dispel scroll

7 Iron Guts, full command, look-out Gnoblar, Rune Maw
12 Bulls, full command, look-out Gnoblar
20 Gnoblar Fighters
8 Trappers

Scrap Launcher

Slave Giant
Slave Giant

So the changes are:

1 Extra Irongut
Combined 2 units of bulls, full command
Extra Slave Giant
Gnoblar Fighters
Dropped the Snowmen
Changed some items around

27-01-2011, 19:02
I'd think you should drop champions and banner gnoblars and use points on gnoblars.

Gnoblars are only good when you're enemy thinks hes against horde of them :D