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26-01-2011, 21:56
Hey all! just wondered if you guys had any tips for my armies:

This army is supposed to be against brettonia and also well all round i suppose.. i play mainly against lizard, DE and HE.

300 15 Halberds full comm. Warriors
300 15 Halberds full comm. Warriors
125 25 GW Marauders
65 5 Marauder horsemen
30 5 Warhounds
180 Exalted Hero on Jugger MoK Halberd

all the "spare" units are there just to make sure i don't get flanked which i don't like at all :P.

This is "almost" the same just extended to 2000pt. Is it wise with making the daemon prince a wizard? I thought this was better than getting a vulnerable sorc.

340 15 Halberds full comm. Warriors MoK Blasted Standard
320 15 Halberds full comm. Warriors MoK Rapturous Standard
335 15 Halberds full comm. Warriors MoN Banner of rage
70 5 Marauder horsemen spears
30 5 Warhounds
180 Exalted Hero on Jugger MoK Halberd
485 Daemon prince MoT lvl 3 Berserkerr Sword
230 5 Knights of Chaos MoN

Another question: if a Slaan with LoL (life) casts throne of vines but rolls double sixes, when is the miscast then accounted for? before or after he has the save with his spell?


immortal git
26-01-2011, 22:44
DPs cant have magic weapons, all they can have is gifts, which makes them crap, drop him for a sorcerer lord on a disc.

26-01-2011, 23:26
okay i'll fix that.. what do you think about the core in my army? 5 maruder horsemen any good for anything?

26-01-2011, 23:27
and is the lack of a sorc in the first list a major disadvantage?

26-01-2011, 23:36
Depends what you're up against... not too bad since its only 1000 pts.

26-01-2011, 23:50
Depends what you're up against... not too bad since its only 1000 pts.

I listed that in the original post.

Anyway with the Daemon prince gone and a sorc lord on the table i have some more points on my hands.. i just can't decide what to get. this is what I've come up with:

Sorc Lord lvl 4 MoT on disc Third Eye and Golden Eye(360)

which gives me 135 spare points, should i trick him more out? or get some more maruader horsemen (this is the list agaisnt LZ, he usually takes 2-3 packs of chameleon skinks)? or something third?

immortal git
28-01-2011, 09:46
trick him out, enchanted sheild and talisman of preservation gives him a 1+/3+

Spare points..... Mark of slaanesh on the horsemen, more hounds, more horsemen?

29-01-2011, 10:52
Also, a wizard for a 1k army isn't necessary. DE and LM have good magic but at that low of points, if they take a magic army, and you take a Strictly Combat army, You'll win 9 times out of 10 since they just can't do enough damage with magic to stop you. 1k LM armies can't have a Slann (which is lucky for anyother 1k army!) and DE would be better off spending their points on Hydras and tricking out their army as a whole. the 2k one, definitely lvl 4... tricked out either to be a good CC if the needs be, or to do more spell damage. Your outfit for him looks pretty good... MoN on your knights is pretty obsolete since they're very hard to hurt anyways... Also, 1 less WS for your enemy really isn't going to do much. You could try for the MoT and atleast have a 6+ ward or MoK and give them an extra attack. With MoK be careful for tactical enemies forcing you to charge the wrong units though. Also, with MoK, try to attack the units you can break in 1 turn or you'll be sitting there... which isn't very fun imho.

Also, this is a personal choice obviously, but I don't try and make armies against specific armies. I think it's more "fair" to make an army that could play against any of the armies. I know that with certain armies in the mix, such as ethereal, I'll change a few things so that my army can actually hurt them, but I play against OK, LM, DE, WE, OnG, Beastmen so I try and field an army that would be good against all of them. we like to play tourneys with eachother where we are only allowed 1 army to play each game. If we did it otherwise certain armies would have a severe advantage, and WoC is one of them :-(