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27-01-2011, 12:29
Just as a preface, the Manticore is staying in the list as I have Raging Heroes's amazingly awesome model (http://www.ragingheroes.com/collections/complete-collection/products/manticore-lamassu) on the way. That being said, the rest of the list (including the Manticore Master's item selection) is open to suggestion.

Supreme Sorceress - Lv.4 Shadow, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Preservation, Dark Pegasus - 380
Master - Lance, Full Mundane, Pendant of Khaeleth, The Other Trickster's Shard, Manticore - 344
Master - Sword of Might, Armor of Eternal Servitude, Cloak, Shield, BSB, Dark Pegasus - 211

20x Crossbowmen - Shields, Musician - 225
20x Corsairs - Sea Serpent Standard, Musician, Handbows - 240
25x Spearmen - Shields, Full Command - 190
5x Harpies - 55

5x Shades - 80
5x Shades - 80
21x Witches - Banner of Murder - 245
Cold One Chariot - 100

Hydra - 175
Hydra - 175

Total: 2500


I've never run a BSB on pegasus but it seems like it'd be a great tool and very beneficial to apply the BSB right where it's needed. Honestly I'm not really sure I'd ever run this list, though. It looks like it'd be pretty fun, but the Morathi Dark Pegasus model is terrible and I've yet to find a suitable replacement. I guess I could always just make a Pegasus out of a Glade Rider's horse and some wings. Actually, the Forgeworld Tyranid Warrior Wings would probably be good for just that... pricey though, and still not quite what I'd want out of a Dark Pegasus.

The Corsairs look like fun since I'd march them right in front of someone, fire 40 shots, Stand-and-Shoot another 40 shots, and then the front row still gets two attacks a piece in combat. Combing with The Withering this could make for a very nasty combination and pretty handy for clearing out blocks of infantry that rely on numbers more than armor.

My Witches have not been able to do much lately but that's mostly because my standard opponent likes blasting them off of the board first. When they do hit combat they've always done well for me, but I'd really prefer to only take 14 since they don't need numbers to do the bulk of their damage. Sadly, as stated above, my main opponent likes to hit them with Doomrockets and the Dreaded 13th so it makes having ablative wounds a bit necessary.

27-01-2011, 21:43
That model is AWESOME! Do want do want do want...

I'm not sure you need the level 4 on a Dark Peg- shadow is already fairly long ranged, so I'd recommend leaving her on foot and giving her the stabby dagger- Shadow is also fairly high casting values all round.

I actually quite like the Morathi pegasus, the rider less so. I've swapped the tail on mine for a cut-down hydra tail which I also like. If you're after another idea for a peg, I'm planning on using the Island of Blood griffin with some swapped bits on the rider.

27-01-2011, 23:57
Hm... putting her with a stabby dagger would really make me want to just have a dedicated unit of 14 or so naked Warriors for her to turn into dice, but you're definitely right about Shadow having fairly long range so the Pegasus isn't terribly necessary.

The dagger would mean tossing my Dispel Scroll so it's a bit of a defensive hit, but overall not that big a deal.

Hm... certainly something to think about. Without another infantry character I couldn't Smoke & Mirrors out of a sticky situation, but I'm not entirely sure I can do that on a Pegasus either.

28-01-2011, 03:08
I'd actually also recommend splitting the xbows into 2 units- you have the same number of shots, but you now have twice as many deployments and target choices, and your opponent now has to catch 2 separate units to get the same number of points. I did run big units of xbows for a while, but I'm rapidly going back to 7th-esque MSU as it's just so much more effective for Dark Elf shooting. In my experience, at least.

Taking the power dice bunker is spot on- I usually run 20 warriors with full command and shields for fighting, and another 16 or so for her to stab. Basically, whatever pts I have left over and have to spend in core go into making this unit bigger than around 10.

I've been running without a scroll for quite some time now, and while it'd be nice to have had it, I have found that there have been more occasions when the stabby dagger has been useful. It does mean that if your opponent has a particularly nasty mage, you need to go the old fashioned way of stopping magic. That is, ripping the chaps head off.

I've also never found myself needing smoke and mirrors- I can see some very nasty tricks with it including chain teleports and Pendulum, but more often that not I find the better option is to work harder to keep my mage out of combat than to spend points in the expectation of having to keep her out.

28-01-2011, 04:31
I run DE and WoC. The dark elves have been on the shelf for the last 2 months and have only played one game at 2500 but absolutely destroyed a WoC army. I ran 4 units of 10 Xbowman, with no shields, command or anything. This allowed for shooting at up 2 four different units and knowing that as soon as a unit hit them they were gone it let me tie up his unit of Chosen for 4 rounds. I always run a unit of blackguard, full command with tower master not Kouran. This makes them stubborn vs unbreakable but lets you pick 25 pts of a magic item for the champion. (Dagger of Hotek is an option here)
always run 2 hydras, the WoC army focused on them and they did nothing that battle. the blackguard did very well. I also used a dreadlord on a dragon, he was a killing machine but no lvl 4 sorc then. Not sure on this yet, need to experiment some more. Shadow is the way to go for DE's.

I have a nice pegasus model. I took a high elf musician off a magical horse, not sure who made it, they sell models that you can easily use for warhammer. I am sure your local hobby store will have the line and then took a Bret pegasus, shaved off the skirt around the back legs and painted it black. She looks really cool on it. WAY better than Morathi model.

28-01-2011, 18:48
Dagger of hotek on a Black Guard unit champion? What an utter waste, 25 pts to make just him ASF and only S3? You could spend 35 pts and make the entire ASF if you felt it necessary, but that would only be if you're gearing to face daemonettes or high elves. In any event, Crimson Death is without a doubt the best magic weapon to go on a Black Guard unit champion, but it's far from necessary.

Kouran is never worth taking, so mentioning not taking him is usually a bit of a moot point...

Definitely agree though- Shadow is the way to go on a level 4, or Dark magic. One of the most underused options for Dark Elves, and it's very very powerful due to the anti-unit spells and low casting values.

28-01-2011, 19:26
I like Dark Magic as a lore for Lv.2's alongside Fire or Metal depending on the situation. The low casting cost and general utility is great. For my Lv.4's I like Shadow since having 4/7 spells always gets a good set, thought admittedly sometimes better than others.

I don't particularly like Black Guard in 8th edition to be honest. They're significantly more expensive than other models with similar damage output and survivability (none). They can still kill like they could in 7th, but now that everything gets to attack back they're just T3 5+ elves. The WS5 helps survivability against utter chaff WS2 infantry (Skaven Slaves, Night Goblins, etc), but if my Black Guard are tied up in combat for two or three turns with a unit that costs a third of their own points, my opponent has easily made their points back.