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28-01-2011, 16:15
I thinking to take lore of death with my slann.
So I have a few questions!

1. Spirit leech
slann and target roll a d6 add LD.
If target lose the roll He get dmg amount of the difference
slann LD 9 + 3 (rolled a d6) = 12
target LD 7 + 2 (rolled a d6) = 9
Difference = 3
so target gets 3 wounds no armour save.

Question 1: target is in a unit does he get the "look out sir"?

2."The caress of laniph" and "The fate of bjuna"
Both say target a single enemy model can be a character.
It get 2d6 hits -str(The caress of lamiph) or -T(The fare of bjuna)

Question 2: If I target a character or champion does it get the "look out sir"?

Qustion 3: If I target a single model from a unit (no character and no champion) and the target gets 6 wounds does only the target get slain or does the unit takes the remaining wounds?

28-01-2011, 16:34
No template, no LOS!
Killing Characters is kinda the point of those spells.

You only kill one model.

28-01-2011, 16:43
Well than If I know my opponent plays heavy character than lod is a good 1

but I think I gonna choise another lore...

Lore of life would be the best coise I think..