View Full Version : Fake Blood Angel codex better than Real?

28-01-2011, 20:58
Remember that thing about Faustians and Sanguinians and how everyone thought it was cool?
Meanwhile the Blood Angel fluff is probably the worst I've ever read in any codex and that includes "Spiritual Liege" stuff from Codex: Ultramarines.

Fake BA represented the Black rage better, albeit the rule was too clunky to ever be used seriously. IMO the "red mist can affect anyone at any time", such as the 3rd edition book, was more fitting, even if unbalanced.

Kinda sad when someone inventing fake stuff for trolling is better than the real thing.

Lord Inquisitor
28-01-2011, 21:00
A link would help those of us that don't remember.

28-01-2011, 21:01
I wasn't all that bothered about the rules for that fake codex but I do have to agree that the Faustians and Sanguinians was a really cool idea. A pity.

28-01-2011, 21:45
Once it's somebody elses idea then IP becomes a big issue. If GW have any sense they'll find whoever wrote it and find out if they're worth employing, anything that stops Matt Ward writing another codex...