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29-01-2011, 06:13
Hi all,

I posted my armylist about a weak ago. Some people give me some feedback so I Re-make my list and this is the list I gonna play today.

Slann mage priest 275 punten
Three Disciplines of the Ancients (+100pnt)
-Focus of mystery
-The focused Rumination
-Soul of stone
Magic Items:
-Ruby ring of ruin (+25pnt)
-Cupped hands of the old ones (+45pnt)
Totaal 445punten

Saurus scar-veteran (+85pnt)
light armour shield(+8pnt)
Magic items:
-dragonhelm (10pnt)
-Sword of the horned (+25pnt)
Totaal: 128 punten

Saurus scar-veteran (+85pnt)
light armour, shield (+8pnt)
Magic items:
- Helm of discord (30pnt)
- Burning blade of chotec (+20pnt)
totaal: 143pnt

Core Units

24 Saurus warriors (11pnt each)
Spear (+1pnt each)
Full command (+30)
Totaal: 313pnt

24 Saurus warriors (11pnt each)
Spear (+1pnt each)
Full command (+30)
Totaal: 313pnt

11 skink ckirmishers (7pnt)
totaal 77 punten

11 skink ckirmishers (7pnt)
totaal 77 punten

11 skink ckirmishers (7pnt)
totaal 77 punten

10 skink skirmizers (7pnt)
totaal 70 pnt

Special units

20 Tempel Guards (16pnt each)
full command (+35)
totaal: 355pnt

1998 totaal

well I think tis is a pritty good list to play.
I droped my stegadon becouse I dont think it will hold up.
soon I gonna try but First i gonna try out the slann in the temple guard bunker. The reason I do this is becouse the slann is no longer a tommygun. I gonna play lore of life so i got:
1 power up spell that make my spells stronger
2 Ranged dmg spells
1 Ranged dmg bound spell --> fireball
1 dmg spell for combat
3 defansive spells

The defensive spells I also want to try! what make it harder when my slan is on his own. The regeneration on my tempelguards JUMMIE!!!! every wound they take will get regenerated when I cast a spell :D.
Think they would not go down easy!

So everything fits in theorie! the dmg spells the defensive spells everything will fits in.

Later this day I will give a report from the battle here so every-1 knows what my list do.

I see forward to some serieus feedback and commend. Also want to hear when some-1 like the list or dont like the list! annyhow hit me with feedback!

29-01-2011, 08:40
This looks like the army I'm about to fight against in a little friendly tourney... I'm WoC and I know the LM army in the group has a Slann with a bunch of goodies bunkered away. I know he relies on the Comet of Cassandora a lot... but I'm hoping by the time it goes off, my whole army will be next to his anyways and it'll hurt him just as bad.

It looks solid! He played a WE army a few days ago and ended the game by turn 4. Massacre for the LM! Let us know how it goes and if you noticed any weaknesses that you could fix. Maybe I can help out my buddy so he can make his army better! I think he uses the Stegadon though. :-)

29-01-2011, 23:33
Hi all,

Well I played the battle today. My opponent played with "ogre kingdoms". I didnt know so that was a bit funny since I never lost from them.

Today all my inportend rolls I made where bit of CRAP!!! so crap battle you think? well that was the funny's part, I won quit izzi! At the end of turn 5 only 2 characters, a scrublancher and 2 shooting ogre's (dont know there name) where standing worth around 500 points. And I only lost 1 hero 1 unit saurus (damn scrublancher). and 2 unit skinks. So I manice to keep up annyhow bad I roll.

I took the first turn. I walked a few inch whit all my units. 2 unit of skinks I serounded his scouts and I shot them 6es to hit and I kill more than 25% panic and they stay so not special. At the deployment he deployed he deployed 1 unit of (iron bulls? with 2 characters) in the woods with 2 models (he had no choise). so I cast "throne of vines" followed by "awakening of the woods" what took down 2 ogres becouse I made 6 wounds. the 3th spell I made give a out of concentration by 2 1's. (first crappy roll).

his turn 1 he moved a little what didnt do mutch and shoot his scrublancer at my unit of saurus warriors. "THAT CRAPLANCHER HAVE KILLING BLOW". and he kills my hero :( and he kills 9 saurus warriors with killing blow. and 1 died faling armour save. good turn by his side.

my turn 2 a move a little no charges becouse I want to lure him in a trap. shooting do nothing. magic first spell rolled 1/1 so no spells for me. even I could again cast a 2d6 s6 on his ass becouse now another unit was in a wood with 1 model He still didnt learn. annyhow it fails.

his turn 2 fail charge with few units only his scouts manage to charge (2 remaining couse stand and shoot) and he gets killed. also a unit of goblars charge my saurus warriors that will loze the combat BIG TIME! they flee I manage to keep line.

my turn 3 I try to lure him again rallyed my skinks what I let flee when they get charged ld9 who cares! 1 of the units FAIL ofc. flee a little more. magic the +4 t I realy could help on my saurus than I could let him charge me and I dont care. but I rolled on a 1st spell 1/1 so no further spells for me.

his turn 3 He charged with almost everything (at my skinks agian) and they flee ofc. He tried to redirect what failed. what left them in a good range for me!

my turn 4 I charged his unit of ??? ogres whit a butcher with my tempel guards in the flank They flee so i come in the flank of a unit ogres. I charged that unit of ogers in the front with my saurus so he gonna eat big time. ( 1 hope) he fled trough a unit of goblars what run of table (another 40points yeah) my crappy unit with `15 models left charged a unit of iron ??? ogres. well annyhow my skinks manage to shot down 2 ogres that could shoot scrab ogres I think and they died ( few wounds eaten in other turn) my magic phase. This was again a inportent magic phase. I want to give my crap saurus warriors a T4 what would help them out agains those ogres what leave them 5's or 6's to wound. also I want to cast the spell that give the unit 2d6 s4 hits. and summon some saurus back. all of that planning fell right into the pool when I saw the first rolling from the first spell again 1/1. out of consentration (great rule.... NOT). well combat like I tought the unit of ogres almost whiped out 1 model left what fled of the table my temple guards hold ground and my saurus warriors go afther them and the other unit that was fleeing lfed of the table and I find a scrublancer on my way. my crap saurus warriors where complete whiped out ofc.

his turn 4 I made the score for my hero even and I killed the killingblow shooting monster. I wanted that his unit of iron ogres stay in range of my spells so I decide to let them charge my skinks and dont run I stand and shoot and for the first time a lucky roll 7 6's and 3 5's the 5's also wound so he must save and he fails a lot and only his 2 characters stayed up. Mayby my only lucky roll in the whole combat. while my skink killed and 2 left and I roll snake eye's.

start of my turn 5 I moved my slann in good range of hit characters I casted throne of vines, I cast flesh to stone, earth blood and awakening of the woods agains the last 2 scrab oger shooters that eat 2 wounds another 2 from the fire ball and then I cast the dwellers bellow that would make all his units a str test with inresisteble force and miscast and I gived the miscast to the butcher. and he give up the battle. I think his butcher gonna die and his tyrant take heavy dmg they get the temple guards in the flank my next turn if he didnt get slain by swellers of bellow what we didnt work out becouse he gived up. (he was rouling and his butcher he saved but I saw a 6 when rouling for his tyrant) so made a note that I hade cupped of the old ones and I say yes and I told him I gonna give his butcher what was next to his tyrant and his 2cond scrablancher. So he dont think he gonna made it annyway little crap he trowed and gived up :( didnt manage to see the 6 in great view.

annyhow I took the battle. There are a few things of this list what people must remember even when playing this list you can manage to fail all magic rolls since I dint have a decent magic phase till turn 5. The only thing is that you must wait for the right moment to take him out. ogre is a tough army becouse of the hight T but are killed annyhow. The temple guards work out. slann save and they kill big time! my saurus warriors also work out well only the hero with the bling bling helm. The bling bling helm didnt do mutch and I dont know if i must stick to it. enchantecd shield give me also an extra on the save. what make 18 points room.

in 2 weaks I play skaven with this list so I gonna see what that will do.