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29-01-2011, 11:40
I made an army for a little friendly tourney between my WoC and a LM army, DE army, and WE army. The whole idea was to use spells. Seeing as the DE and LM are going to challenge me the most out of that, I chose to make a few tweaks to this army. Please give constructive criticism and comments. Also, if you think it's good, I'd like to know as well.

Vilitch - 395(For all the tzeentch spells and the vessel for more dice!)

Festus - 185(For Curse of the Leper and regen for my frenzied marauders FTW!)

Wulfrik - 185(To quick attack and challenge their wizards!)

50 Marauders with GW's, MoK, and Light Armour - 350(With Festus and Vilitch)

27 Marauders with GW's, MoK, and Light Armour - 212(With Wulfrik for the quick attacks behind the enemy)

2 Hell Cannons - 410(to cause massive damage to the most threatening units and to protect my flanks a little later in the game)

2 Warshrines - 260(to make my wizarding unit even more powerful and hopefully get MR 3!

TOTAL = 1997

Any feedback would be helpful! Seeing as this is the army i already committed to, i'll let you all know how the battles went, but i'd like to know what to change for future reference! Thanks!

29-01-2011, 17:43
First of all, its illegal. You have gone WAY too far over rare.

Secondly, 3 Special Charecters is not what i call freindly.

Thirdly, even if there are 50 of them, those marauders will die. Fast. You might want to swap your core for 30-40 Outflanking, Khrone marauders and convert the rest (along with one hellcannon) into warriors of tzeencth, balsted standard, shields. They'll be more durable that way.

Also, light armour is utterly pointless on marauders.

All this converts into;

*Vilitch = 395
*Wulfrik = 185
*Festus = 185
*40 Marauders, khorne, GW, Command (10x4 w. Wulfrik) = 250
*24 Warriors of Chaos w. Shields, MOT, Blasted standard (6x4 w. Festus, Vilitch) = 489
*Hellcannon = 210
*2 Warshrines, one with MOT = 280
Total = 1,994


30-01-2011, 04:40
First off, Thanks for the suggestions.

Regarding the 3 characters, we're all using characters like that and it's a mutually agreed upon thing.

And the BRB is at my buddies house and didn't realize that I mistook the points for special with Rare. Obviously a big problem, so thanks for the clarification on that point.

This revised list of yours looks much more solid then mine anyways. I was under the impression that the marauders would die, just not so fast that it mattered much, though sticking a lord and a hero in a unit that I know is going to die, even semi-fast, wasn't smart of me. My eyes clearly saw past that and got big about 2 Warshrines and 2 Hellcannons. which in itself would've been awesome! I think, for the time being, I will run with this revised list.

Does anyone else have any input on this?

I know that the warriors will have the 5+ ward and 5 + regen (though I can only use 1). Is there a different way I can use Festus's awesome ability to give a unit regen or does it not matter since I'm going against magic (possibly fire) and a DE army that I know has atleast 1 Hydra. Or is his ability to give everyone in that unit Poisoned attacks worth keeping him in an already strong WoC unit?

30-01-2011, 20:49
A nice little friendly list, brutal as always are the Chaos... ;)

03-02-2011, 04:42
So, a little update. I played against the DE army and got my butt handed to me. he had 2 hydras which I very easily kept out of play because of Wulfrik. He deployed his two hydras waiting for me and they didn't come out until turn 4 :-( My magic failed me since I rolled double 1's for power dice twice, couldn't dispel anything worth dispelling and he eventually got my warriors to run after making them toughness 1 :-(. Nothing I really could've done differently when the dice don't go your way. There was twice I had my opponent without any dispel dice and a third time he only had 2 dice that I tried getting Infernal Gateway on his horde. Rolled 3 dice each time(either I didn't have good power dice that turn or I forced him to get rid of his dispel dice with Pandemonium(sp?). I needed a 10 (since Villitch gets +5) and every time I rolled horribly. I usually roll REALLY good, but apparently magic failed me this game. So the Tournament is going like this:

We're doing a point system using the old rule book victory chart.
8 points - Massacre
6 points - Solid Victory
4 points - Marginal
2 points - tie
1 additional point - killing every model on the opposing side.

DE - 8 points
LM - 9 points
OK - 0 points
WoC - 0 points.

Obviously the Slaan is causing a problem. Can Wulfik challenge him? There is speculation since he's positioned in the second rank, but Wulfrik can call people out. Any help on that?

I am trying to get the DE player to overtake the LM army. I know that that battle won't go so much in the DE favor, but if I get the LM to tie me, he'll win. I'm not too worried about the OK army since after playing his first game, he realized 1 major error in his army that will cause him to get massacred every game. I'm hoping, at best, for 2nd place now.

Evil Hypnotist
03-02-2011, 07:59
Wulfrik's special rules mean that he can force characters into a challenge, whether they want to or not as long as they could normally be challenged. I don't remember anything about a challenger having to be in the first rank, as long as the unit is in combat, but you might want to look at the challenge rules to double check.

03-02-2011, 09:28
I don't remember anything about a challenger having to be in the first rank, as long as the unit is in combat, but you might want to look at the challenge rules to double check.

Thats the part that I need to look up. I know I've seen the book and it doesn't say they can't be challenged... We have a LM friend that got a little upset to find out that I intended to go right up behind him and challenge his slann. He kept saying "I won't allow him to do that!" but really, I can't find anywhere that says I can't. I was just double checking and hoping LM players had their input. Yeah, it sucks for them, but really, Thats why I put that unit/character in this army. To hunt down opposing wizards and slaughter them before they could do too much! WoC doesn't have the best spellcasters and so I knew I needed help.

Also, I highlighted the in combat part because in the LM book, it says something about his mount allowing him to cast as though he wasn't in CC, but that doesn't mean he isn't, right?

Any input to those facts/opinions?

03-02-2011, 14:06
"Friendly tourney"????? Lies!!!!!

03-02-2011, 14:12
"Friendly tourney"????? Lies!!!!!

Is this Nick? lol