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29-01-2011, 19:54
So here's a situation for ya: A screaming bell, without Grey Seer or clan rats supporting, sports a '-' Ld. Yet it can attack on its own due to the Rat Ogre (that has no Ld either).

Casket of Souls goes off, that's (2d6+2)-Target Ld wounds. The rulebook says that - mean the stat is considered to be 0. That's how we dealt with it.

It feels wrong though. Any expertise?

29-01-2011, 20:51
You use the highest leadership available on the model itself. Since it is ridden by a Grey Seer you would use his Leadership. If the Grey Seer were gone perhaps due to an Imperial sniper or a Dwarven cannon, you would use the Leadership of the unit of Clan Rats, as that would be the highest in the unit.

Since the casket isn't a shooting attack per say and doesn't specifically target anything, you wouldn't hit the bell/furnace separately from the unit it is in either.

The casket just says that all units that can draw line of sight take the leadership test. So the entire unit of the bell/furnace and the infantry it is deployed in would take a single test at the highest leadership value in the unit IMHO.

I think I would like it more if you had to take a separate test of the bell/furnace and the unit it is in, but RAW I don't think that is how it is.

29-01-2011, 20:58
So if I understand your question Maglok, both the Seer and the unit pushing the bell are dead? Then the Bell has a total leadership value of 0 and would suffer 2d6+2 wounds (although I believe it would have a 2+ ward save against those as the effect from the Casket counts as a spell). If the Clannies were alive you use their leadership value, and if the Seer was alive you use his. Its as easy as that.

29-01-2011, 21:13
That is correct.


29-01-2011, 21:31
It was how Blkc57 interpreted it. The grey seer died to a killing blow tomb scorpion in melee. The clanrats were all dead.

Then it seems we resolved it correctly. :) Thanks