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30-01-2011, 12:40
hey guys i was looking thro rumours and things about the new warhammer forge business going on.. and a friend sent me a link to the tamurkhan miniature and well i want it and i want to build an army for him seeing as he is most probably ogre sized i want to have as many chaos ogres with MoN in the army its obviously going to be chaos army..
so ill just the the toad dragon as a normal dragon(counts as) and tooling up the lord will make him cost roughly 710 points.
i want to make this a 3000-3500 point army the main army i will face will be lizzies,

but yes with the list want as many ogres as possible while it is still competative to an extent

cheers in advance

30-01-2011, 15:52
well to make this competitive you need to think about 2 things, is what can you do to help against lizzies and the such and tht you MUST get that dragon in combat asap. so yeah with that in mind you also need to allocate points properly to units.

lets see you have 750 to spend on a lord in a 3000point game so i would go with this:

Chaos Lord: MoN, Talisman of preservation, charmed shield, chaos rune sword: with this build u have a 2+armor save a 4+ ward save a high I value and -to shoot at you. rune sword is also good because you will have 6S6 attacks from your lord (and a crap load from the dragon +thunderstomp) plus with WS9 and -1 ws to people hitting you most people will need 5s to hit. so this is 310pts +360 for the dragon thats 670. now for gifts, i would personally take the breath one (giving u three breath weapons) and give him sophoforic musk so that when they do run its sooo easy for you to run them down. thats 40points so hes now exactly 710pts

now for your heroes:

YOU need a bsb. i would take:

Exalted: Bsb, sword of swift striking, shield, potion of strength, and the icon curse icon. that should be 210 pts

take festus: 185
take a lvl 2 wizard with the puppet and and enchanted shield: 190pts

this leaves you with 1705 points

now for the core:

40marauders: MoN: GW: FC: 250pts
40marauders: MoN: GW: FC: 250pts
17X Warriors of Nurgle: halberds: fc: banner of eternal flame: 342pts
17X Warriors of Nurgle: halberds: fc: banner of rage: 382pts
5X hounds: 30points
5X hounds: 30points
6X hounds: 36points

Hell Cannon: 205 points
Hell Cannon: 205 points

and lastly: 20 chosen: raptuourous standard, mon, fc, halberds.

that should do very well.

30-01-2011, 17:50
I discourage any list without a lvl4 caster (with few exceptions, perhaps Demons with 1 LVL2+ -2 casting banner...) magic defense is crucial, need the +4 to dispel.

8th ed magic will wreck the finest laid plans of both men and gods...

30-01-2011, 17:56
I discourage any list without a lvl4 caster (with few exceptions, perhaps Demons with 1 LVL2+ -2 casting banner...) magic defense is crucial, need the +4 to dispel.

8th ed magic will wreck the finest laid plans of both men and gods...

I laughed when i saw this, cuz your right but also because magic can ruin your own day haaahahaha. ahem but yes, i personally would NEVER leave without my lvl4 tzeentch wizard. but hes doing a nurgle themed list that requires a dragon (which he stated he wants a lord) so yeah. but a thing that could be suggested is he takes a lvl4 nurgle lord with the 4+ward, charmed shield, and the rune sword.

30-01-2011, 22:29
Thumbs up for another Nurgle WoC army!
I'll build one up myself, usually something like this:

1 Lord: 700 Pts. 23.3%
2 Heroes: 396 Pts. 13.2%
4 Core Units: 792 Pts. 26.4%
2 Elite Units: 889 Pts. 29.6%
1 Rare Unit: 160 Pts. 5.3%

Chaos Lord of Nurgle on Chaos Dragon, Shield, Stream of Corruption, Sword of Might, Crown of Everlasting Conquest, Dragonhelm - 700 Pts.

Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle, Bloodcurdling Roar, Opal Amulet, Infernal Puppet - 210 Pts. [Level 2, Lore of Nurgle]
Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle on Chaos Steed, Charmed Shield, Scroll- 186 Pts. [Level 2, Lore of Nurgle]

27 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle, Shields, Full Command, Blasted Std. - 532 Pts.
42 Chaos Marauders of Nurgle, Flails, Full Command - 260 Pts.
5 Chaos Warhounds - 30 Pts.
5 Chaos Warhounds - 30 Pts.

21 Chosen of Nurgle with Halberds, Full Command, Favour of Nurgle, Wailing Banner - 534 Pts.
6 Chaos Knights of Nurgle, Full Command, Banner of Rage - 355 Pts.

Chaos Warshrine, Mark of Nurgle - 160 Pts.

Total: 2997

A pity that the total point cost is no multiple of 7, but well, most other stuff it. The general costs exactly 100x7 points, the sorc 30x7 and every unit size except the hounds is a multiple of 7 as well.
I totally deny the use of any other's god specific items (the Banner of Rage is the VERY borderline), so that is what comes out. Flails and Regen are more Nurgle than Ward saves or Great Weapons, so I'm really happy as a devotee of Nurgle to see it on the field...
The problem is that the Dragon is horribly expensive, so you cannot afford all the shiny WoC stuff. But if you do not like Chosen, you can kick them out and fit in a Hellcannon or two (with fitting names like Hematemesis and Septicemia IMO) and a few horsemen. Or a BSB...even one god lets you alot of freedom.

31-01-2011, 10:39
in the list i want some chaos ogres as the new model is a
"ogre" riding a toad dragon so i want some ogres running around with him