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30-01-2011, 13:35
I run a corsair-themed DE army (heavy on corsairs and core troops, COK, DR and RBT - no hydra or COB) and am on a tight budget, so I'm looking to build one unit of execs, witch elves or blackguard.

I much prefer the exec models, but they make me nervous because of those great weapons - I'm concerned that they can only be effective in blocks of 20+, at a cost of >$125 CAD. WE don't really fit the theme, but they can get shoe-horned in, and I don't like the minis but I really like their hitting power. BG seem to be a popular choice, but for the life of me I don't get why - and I don't like the minis or their fluffability - but if they're the best then I'm open to experimenting with them.

I'm looking for perspectives from players that have experience fighting DE - which of these three types of units do you find the most challenging and why/when? Or, if you play DE, what's your preference and why?

EDIT: Also, not sure if this is the right forum, so I'd like to apologize if it's not!

30-01-2011, 14:25
well executioners need alot of investing (including couldron of blood) so they are out. and witch elves are kainite plus you already have corsairs for dealing the tons of S3 attacks. as for the black guard they are good at holding people but not that killy (although they have alot of attacks and amazing initiative). so yeah if your doing a pure corsair army i would invest in black guard (as they are not kainite while the other two are) plus they max at 20 (so u dont need to wast money to get a horde of them) run them 7wide and three ranks with a killy character and you should be fine.

30-01-2011, 14:35
Yeah, i would agree with the above advice.
Thats how i run my Blackguard. Sometimes drop them to 14 (2x7) if its a smaller points game.
Out of 30 games played with them, last night was the first time they didnt perform brilliantly and that was down to bad dice!

30-01-2011, 16:54
Executioners are spectacular in 8th ed. By the far the best infantry special choice for DE in 8th.

Yes they are expensive models then make unit fillers.

Do the math on horde attacks str6 w/KB. A unit of 40 is key, backed by a cauldron bsb. Much much better than the capped blackguard who are only getting 1 supporting attack.

DE blackguard units are wonderful targets for dwellers from below, dreaded 13th etc. Executioners are more resistant to Dwelling and in bigger sizes will be less of a target for a Dreaded 13th.

30-01-2011, 23:13
I would take the bsb in the excecutioners unit with the asf banner.
The unit standard bearer takes the sea serpent banner.
+1 A from the cauldron and +1 from the sea serpent banner and strike at initiative value.

51 S6 I5 attacks not including the BSB character. (I use a Death Hag)
Not much survives that and the dead can't hit you back, I5 is handy against many opponents.

30-01-2011, 23:18
I could see a unit of 40 being great if you didn't want any other specials in a 2k game(you can't even afford a full command and keep it under 500pts.).

The black guard will allow you to field a chariot or some shades to go along with it.

So I would say keep that in mind.

And I'm pretty sure the sea serpent banner is corsairs only. Also, I'm unsure what you mean about the dead can't hit back. Unless you are wiping a unit out, you'll get return attacks against you. Which is the bigger liability for black guard now and the only reason execs are even in the discussion.

31-01-2011, 00:00
You can take 1000 points of special in a 2k game.

BG are barely less resistant to dwellers than Exec.

I'm sorry but a 500 point unit that needs another 265 points of support is just not gonna cut it, in my book. Black Gaurd can do the same job as executioners for cheaper.

31-01-2011, 00:29
DE blackguard units are wonderful targets for dwellers from below, dreaded 13th etc. Executioners are more resistant to Dwelling and in bigger sizes will be less of a target for a Dreaded 13th.

Depends really.
Both those spells will kill 13-14 of your 40 on average.
Which eats into the number of attacks you make in combat.
As you fight last, this is especially problematic as each wound suffered then reduces the number of atttacks you get to make.

That said, you are still ws5 with a re-roll and st6.
So you still hit 8/9 times and then slay most things on a 2+.

I'm not convinced about them really.
A big block does work, but its a massive target, 500pts is a lot afterall.

Especially if it has another 200pts of support from a couldren to give them a ward save.
Stubborn is fairly pointless, if you wanted that you'de buy black guard, same with the re-rolls. Your giant block should not be losing fights.

A couple of hydra's tends to fare better.