View Full Version : Current WoC Models - thoughts?

Warrior of Chaos
30-01-2011, 19:29
Hey all,

Here is a quick rundown of the models i've currently got available. I'm making improvements as I can, but just thought i'd get your thoughts on areas I could beef up. I've only be playing WFB for less than a year (but what a great time), and so far i've never lost with my WoC. This of course is not saying much since i've only got to play 6 games with them to date. Right now i'm at W3, D3, L0.

Here are the models I currently have:

x1 block 12 Chaos Warriors (GW, MoK)
x1 block 15 Chaos Warriors (Halbred, Sh)
x1 block 20 Marauders (HW/Sh)
x2 block 5 Warhounds
x1 block 10 Forsaken (converted Chaos Warriors)
x1 block 5 Chaos Knights (HW/Sh)
x2 Spawn
x1 Giant
x1 Shaggoth
x1 Chariot
x3 Chaos Ogres (GW, MoK)
....a couple misc models converted or painted to represent heroes/sorcerers....etc.

I'm currently working on:
x1 Hellcannon
x30 Marauders (GW)
x5 Marauder Horsemen
x1 custom daemonic mount for hero/sorc.

What kinds of units you think would help round out my force? Largest game i've played so far has been around 2700pts. Most are about 1500-2000.

edit: Oh yeah. All 6 battles have been against Skaven. Will be going against Beastmen for the next battle.