View Full Version : The Might of Slaanesh!

30-01-2011, 19:36
This army is based for my proposed updated Cult of Slaanesh army:

supreme Sorceress: heartstone of darkness (4+ward save), staff of sorcery, Mark of Slaanesh: 345pts

Noble: Bsb, armor of darkness, crimson death, mos: 160pts

Exalted Champion: Sword of Swift Striking, potion of toughness, shield, Icon curse Icon: 170pts

50X Marauders: MoS, GW, fc: 280pts
17X warriors of chaos: halberds, fc, banner of rage: 347pts
34X DE Warriors:shields, FC, MoS, Raptourous Standard: 283pts
10X Cold One Knights: MoS, Banner of Eternal Flame, FC ring of hotek: 355pts
2X cold one chariots: MoS: 220pts
3X Fiends of Slaanesh: 165pts
3X Fiends of Slaanesh: 165pts

so what do you guys think? according to the SoC the sorceress gets +1 to cast from the lore of slaanesh, so thats 5+casting and 5+dispelling plus power of darkness. and i avoided taking any shooting in this 2500 point list, however my army is a fast moving one with 3 big fighty units supported by a massive cav unit as well as fiends and chariots. and the combat characters are no jokes either.

31-01-2011, 04:08
guess its fine <.<