View Full Version : 3000 pt WOC friendly list Tz themed

30-01-2011, 21:40
So I made this list because these are pretty much the models I own. I started playing just before 8th came out which is why I have the large unit of Horsemen, although they have actually been surprisingly useful lately. Anyways this is a friendly list and obviously themed Tzeentch, I do want to keep the marks on everything because for me personally it would feel wrong not to have them. The lists leaves 18 points to spare and I'm just not sure what to do with those extra points. Feedback please?

Lords: 744 pts
Chaos Lord, MoTz, Helm of many eyes, Sword of strife/Ogre blade (depending on opponent), Talisman of Endurance, Charmed shield, Chaos steed
=344 pts (goes in unit of knights to take challenges and kill stuff)

Chaos Sorcerer Lord, LV4, MoTz,Talisman of preservation, Blood of Tz, Enchanted shield, Disc of Tz
=400 pts (flies around blasting stuff and hopefully getting pandaemonium off to help break steadfast)

Heroes: 417 pts
Exalted hero, MoTz, BSB, Collar of Khorne, Sword of battle, shield, chaos steed
=216 pts (also in the knights, adds some more hitting power, and gives the unit MR2 that with MoTz gives the entire unit 4+ ward against magic)

Exalted hero, MoTz, Book of secrets, Spell familiar, Conjoined Homonculus, Biting blade, chaos steed
=201 (also goes in the knights, using book of secrets for shadow, Conjoined Homonculus and MoTz should hopefully mean he never needs to use more than 2 dice to avoid miscasts, and he adds more attacks to the knights front line)

Core: 1106 (986 counts towards requirement)
15 chaos warriors, MoTz, shields, FC, Rapturous standard

15 chaos warriors, MoTz, Shields, FC, Gleaming Pennant

30 Chaos Marauders, MoTz, shields, LA, FC

10 chaos marauder horsemen, MoTz, Shields, spears, javelins, mus.

4x5 chaos warhounds

7 chaos knights, MoTz, standard bearer w/ blasted standard
=360 (with the Lord and 2 heroes in here this unit has 4++ against shooting and magic, it pumps out 25 S5 and 5 S4 attacks a turn and is just sweet looking, my hammer unit)

warshrine, MoTz


Total = 2982 not really sure what to do with the remaining 18 points...