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31-01-2011, 21:18
This is a 2k list based upon my 2.5k list for use in smaller games

Grey seer foul pendant talisman of protection 285pts

Bsb war litter worlock augmented weapon enchanted shield 125pts
Plague priest lv2 add hand weapon 137pts

50 clan rats shields fc warpfire thrower 315pts
50 clan rats shields fc doom flayer 295pts

5 gutter runners poisend attacks 85pts
40 plague priests fc shroud of dripping death 335pts

Hellpit 235pts
2 warp lightning cannos 180pts

Advice welcome

01-02-2011, 22:21
I'm also having trouble culling my normal 2250 or 2500 down to 2k. One quick problem is a chieftain can't have a war litter, would be awesome if he could. The gutter runners can have slings for 1 point each, making them loads better at shooting.

Would think about dropping the clanrats to units of 30 ish then taking slaves, save 180 points to make 3x30 units but you may or may not have the models.

I'm asuming your running horde formation units, personally I haven't tried it but it seems counter intuitive for the clanrats, and the plague monks get a load of extra attacks but they are still S3.

01-02-2011, 22:28
Tasliman of Protection and The Foul pendant have the same effect... And costs 30 each, hence that your seer should cost 300pts :)

Also, a chieftain may not have a warlitter.


02-02-2011, 07:56
Oh yer sorry about that i dident look i only tried to scale down my 2.5k warlord to a chieften.

May make the second unit of clanrats slaves and split them and get some rat ogres or plague cencer bearers.

Oh and the grey seer i dont have a coppy of the rule book and in the skaven book talisman of proyection is 15pts.

02-02-2011, 16:05
Oh that's right, I got that one mixed up with another one... :)
Still, you only need ONE ward save, and may only have one talisman per character, hence you can only have one OR the other xD

02-02-2011, 16:38
Oh i thought they could stack. My bad.

02-02-2011, 18:09
Altough, you could take the "Talisman of Preservation" from the main rulebook. It costs 45pts, and gives a 4+ ward save ^^

02-02-2011, 23:13
That sounds like a plan thanks.