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02-02-2011, 00:46
Hello All,

I've recently returned to Orcs & Goblins. I'm building an Army suited (hopefully) towards 8th edition.
I've being getting the impression that Calvary has lost part of it's punch now as 8th seems more slated towards big blocks of infantry with double hand weapons (if applicable) and ranks for stead fast.
Calvary now simply bounces off big blocks and the unit type is relegated to a "supporting role".

The reason I'm talking about Calvary as I have dug out 4 old Orc Boar Boyz. I have an opportunity to get a hold of 6 more to make unit of 10.
I'm not sure of the full command cost, though at 220 points, I have another unit of double choppa boyz for 204 points @ 25 models as a comparison.

From a points perspective are they simply too expensive and are they worth it now in 8th? Do they actually have a direct combat role anymore?

For painting I have one painted, the other 3 are in they component parts.
The 6 I'm keeping an eye on to buy.

Comparing fantasy to historical battles, Calvary always seem to smash infantry (before the days of gun powder) and were the elite regiment to have. In 8th edition they seem to have, and watching videos and reading, loss that eliteness?

Comments and opinions appreciated.



The other boyz in my Orcs & Goblins so far:

25 Orc Boyz Mob
Double choppas, Full Command

25 Orc Arrers Mob
Choppa, Bows, Full Command

45 Night Goblins Mob
Spears, Shields, Full Command

6 Goblin Wolf Riders
Spears, Short Bows, Full Command

1 Goblin Wolf Chariot
Extra crew member

02-02-2011, 02:33
Boar boyz can be useful on the flank to either rush warmachines, beat and hopefully break units that are out of the general's leadership, or work along a block to add the punch that is needed to win.

They are expensive though and it's probably better to add punch to blocks with characters or simple chariots.

Things could also change a lot when the new book comes out in a couple of months.

02-02-2011, 05:28
The concept of cavalry smashing infantry has been greatly exaggerated- frontal assaults by cavalry were very rare and for good reason-

A charging knight faced the following complications-

Missile fire- while fully armored, horses were generally less so- arrows were likely to injure your expensive horse
Bad terrain- knights needed a wide, flat plain to charge across
The enemy doesn't run away- if the enemy actually held firm, it was very likely that the rider would be thrown from their horse, or the horse would break something when it collided into the shield wall-

Most knights preferred their chances on foot- they would ride close to the enemy, dismount then form up into a regular infantry formation-

Or they would ride around behind enemy lines to kill the archers-

Warhammer has (as weird as this is since it is a fantasy game) actually moved towards reality rather than away from it-

To answer the question- I really like the new boar boy models- but they are way too many points for what you get from them-

Da GoBBo
02-02-2011, 17:07
I guess only you yourself can really answer that question. Do you need a relatively hardhitting unit to assist your boy units? I agree with Malorian Chariots are your friends; quiet tough and they keep going at full strength untill taken off completely. Do you need a relatively fast hardhitting unit to assist, Trolls or Ogres are a good option. Do you need a relatively hardhitting (assisting) unit to go around the flank, boar boys are your only option. How often has it happened your army gets stuck in a bottleneck because it is to slow to go around it? Big blocks of boyz are great, but they need some space. A big block of Wolfriders and a smaller block of boar boyz on the flank solves this problem.

I say it depends on the sort of tables you play on. An empty table doesn't warrent the use of any cavalry. Blobs of (impassable) terrain do. Cavalary allows you to use the whole table if needed. Do take some magic resistance along with you if you decide to include them.

On point cost. Yes, they are probably a tad expensive, but if you need what they have to offer and that is how you win your battles, how can they ever be too expensive? High point cost should not be the issue. Boar boyz allow for a clean(er) advance for the rest of the army, which is allways the biggest issue for an O&G army (on foot); this is worth some points in my book.

04-02-2011, 13:52
Boar Boyz are horrible. they rely on the charge, but animosity can ruin the single turn that counts.

on the defensive, (and on later combat phases) they don t really do more damage than normal orcs.

i would currently pay a maximum of around 12 points for a boar boy.

to become useful in 8th edition, they need a significant stats/rules improvement AND a reduction of points.