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02-02-2011, 11:28
Quick question guys. I have the chance to get my hands on a signed copy of one of the HH novels. I was just wondering are they worth more than the unsigned copy or are very quite common? I don't want to pay extra for a book that I already own in standard form. I am always keen to own books that are rare but I have no idea how common signed copies of GW books are.


02-02-2011, 12:04
Should be quite common here in uk as the authors do tour gw shops had grayham mcneil in Manchester two weeks ago signing books including HH ones and end of last year had dan abnett there doing same, so I'd say buy an unsigned one and see if the author is coming soon, as to price I don't know as I'm not selling mine!

02-02-2011, 12:58
As individual pieces, they're presumably 'uncommon' but not that rare enough to be properly, err, rare. I mean, I've gold-and-signed-editions of "A Thousand Sons", "Fulgrim" and "Mechanicum", which are rather special to me as it represents a nice little collection/bundle, but I suspect that one-offs probably won't be of too much interest.

With that in mind, I'd personally say I'd probably not pay too much for a signed copy myself but I can attest to it being rather nice to actually have signed copies. Brings me a nice smile when I think about it. Worth more as part of a set, but I doubt it'd be valuable enough to be a wider-audience collector's item because of the signature.

There is, however, another aspect to signed HH books I've alluded to above: the colour of the cover titles. I'm pretty certain I've got all the HH books in their Gold (first print run) editions, so I'd expect a signed Gold to be worth more than a signed Bronze, for example. But as before, it's not at all uncommon for the authors to do promo-tours in the UK (and elsewhere), so there's surely more'n a few *out there*.

02-02-2011, 13:01
Depends who signed them ;)

02-02-2011, 15:30
They'd be extremely rare here on the West Coast of the US. BL never sends any authors our way for signings. :(

03-02-2011, 14:01
Thanks for the info guys. I didn't expect that they'd be worth more, but I had hoped that they would be rarer. The financial value to me is not important as I get my enjoyment from the rareity and uniqueness of the books. It's just a shame that they appear to be quite common (in the UK at least).