View Full Version : Are troops forced to use the general's leadership?

02-02-2011, 15:49
I've gotten comments in another forum and still am left pondering at this.

Are units within 12" or 18" of the general forced to use its Ld value?

I ask this in the case that the general's Ld would be lower than the troops (i.e. Chaos Icon of Despair, various spells and effects).


Ultimate Life Form
02-02-2011, 15:53
This question comes up ever so often, and unless it has been resolved in a FAQ I'm unaware off, it boils down to a discussion of the seemingly contradictory 'use General's Leadership' and 'use best available value for stat tests' rules.

02-02-2011, 17:13
No contradiction Im aware of.

In 8th edition you are absolutely required to use your general Inspiring Presence when in range, even if that value is lower than your own. The spell Pandemonium and the Leadership Banner create the only exceptions Im aware of.

The situations that often come up as a result:
Sorcerer lord led WoC lowering the leadership of a Hellcannon (9 to 8)
Generals with Doom and Darkness in effect giving LD-3 to all units within 12/18".

02-02-2011, 17:49
That's quite interesting...basically it means that a coward general will be a hindrance to your army (which is logical, actually).