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03-02-2011, 14:42

There is a tournament comeing up, and i have decided that that would be motive behind building myself a new army.
I have been playing warriors of chaos for a while now, but their lack of any real ranged capability ( hellcannon aside) has always annoyed me a bit.
So i have decided on an army that is, while not less evil, at the very least more versatile, and less ballistically challenged.

However haveing had no experience with dark elves yet, it would be nice if the people on these forums could give me some pointers:)

So here is the list i have come up with,


Supreme sorceress
level 4
pendant of khaleth
(lore of shadow)
total 305 points

Lokhir fellheart 250 points

battle standard bearer
talisman of endurance
total 137 points

Death hag
cauldron of blood
total 200 points


20 repeater crossbowmen 200 points

20 repeater crossbowmen 200 points

30 dark elf warriors
full command
total 225 points

30 corsairs
full command
total 325 points


war hydra 175 points

war hydra 175 points

repeater bolt thrower 100 points

repeater bolt thrower 100 points

Grand total 2392 points

Let me know what you think

03-02-2011, 15:44
The level 4 doesn't really need the Pendant. If you deploy her correctly the only damage she'll take (in most games) is from Death magic, which the Pendant doesn't help against, and from miscasts. She's unlikely to roll up hits each time she miscasts, and is in fact not all that likely to miscast 3 times a game. I've found the Cauldron ward save to be sufficient. Shadow has some fairly tough casting values, so the Sacrificial Dagger is always a good bet.

Is your tournament definitely allowing special characters? I't worth double checking, as a lot don't. I've not used Lokhir Fellheart for a long long time, but I don't really think he's worth the points. he can no longer clear his killzone like he could in 7th, so he'll be getting attacked back a lot more, and he's only a fairly squishy 250pt elf. You're also paying a lot of points for his Daring Leap special rule... which is now basically a slightly better Make Way. Personally, I wouldn't take him. What you can get for 15pts more is a character I've had great success with:

Dreadlord- Dark Steed, Heavy Armour, SDC, Soul Render, Pendant of Khaeleth, Crown of Command, Dragonhelm

Nigh on unkillable, and stubborn 10 (often with a re-roll) means he won't be going anywhere. He's a fantastic answer to Chosen deathstars and the like (and if you don't have more than 30 chosen in a unit, you're not trying hard enough...). The only thing he needs to look out for are Dwellers, or Death magic, but Dwellers will be able to get him regardless of where he goes and Death magic is very rare (on the UK tournament circuit at least, which is where I draw my experience from. He also gives you the wonderful ld10 on a general.

I'd make the Cauldron the BSB- it'll save you a lot of points, and with a 4+ ward, T10 and 4 wounds it's very tough to kill. Cannons, Dwellers and Initiative based auto-kill spells will still give you a headache, but I'd consider it a far better way of fielding a BSB.

I'd split the xbows into smaller units of 10, and maybe just take 2 or 3. Take them with musicians as standard (I also really rate shields on them), and standard bearers if you'll be playing the Blood and Glory scenario. This will free up some points for you to take a unit of dark riders, with musician and xbows (and again, a standard bearer if you'll be playing the scenarios.

Dropping the warriors down to 20, that way they can go in the Watchtower. This will also allow you to take a smaller unit of warriors, with just a musician (and maybe a standard), for the level 4 to sacrifice.

I'm still not really sold on Corsair, I just fell that for 20pts less 20 Black Guard with the flaming banner would be a better bet. If you do take them, give them the flaming banner and leave them with the additional hand weapons- with a lot of attacks each, plus the Cauldron and Okkams these guys will chew through hydras, abombs and the Watchtower.

I can't recommend Black Guard highly enough. Absolutely superb I'm taking 2 units of 20 to Tempest Resurrection next weekend.

I also can't help but notice the lack of shades- I think you may have way too many points in shooting in your core. Shades are so much better than their core counterparts, I always take 2 units of 6 at least (unless the tournament comp dictates otherwise).

Double hydra is just dandy for a tournament.

I'm not keen on reapers at all, I used them a few times but I just can't help but think that a pair of chariots, combined with the pair of hydras, would be so miuch more effective (hydra charges in and does it's attacks but not the breath weapon, next round, which is your opponents turn, you use the breath weapon to make up for the loss of hatred and in the turn after that the chariot goes in. This is mainly designed to keep whatever you're fighting tied up for a long time, instead of breaking it outright).

Other than that, I'd be more than happy to PM you my last (and next) 2400pt tournament lists. Both have had a small amount of comp, but are relatively competitive.