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03-02-2011, 16:04
Napoleonic Army: Empire rules sucked. Dark Elves did not.

Since my first day playing warhammer (15 years ago) i always have had one theme that never left my mind.

A Swedish Napoleonic Army (Karoliner)

After many tries with the Empire list (wich sadly works really bad) i think i have found the army to use: Dark Elves

Some minor history.

The Swedish army were mediocre marksmen with their lowquality muskets. However they were brutal in closecombat and favoured a very offensive strategy.

March forward-fire at close range-charge!

Heavy Cavalry
The cavalry used swords and rode kneetight into combat relying on the cavalryshock to rout their foes.

Light Cavalry
Dragoons were mounted infantry used to rapid redeployment and as light cavalry.

Swedish cannons used prepacked ammunition to fire faster. But it meant less gunpowder because of the wax used to seal the "cartridge".

Priest (Sorceress, "General") shadow
tome of furion
God is on our side! Every army historical or not need some magic/favour of the gods. The Swedish army were very religious.

Karl XII (BSB Master)
coldone, heavy armour, shield, lance
Anyone, big or not who are invading Russia in the winter is Stupid

Lineinfantry x16 (repeater crossbowmen)
full commmand

Lineinfantry x16 (repeater crossbowmen)
full commmand
Fire in line, rank up in closecombat. These are men armed with bayonets fighting against monsters with axes. Dont expect miracles in cc

Dragoons x5 (Dark Riders)
Mounted infantry, used for flank attacks and rapid redeplyment.

Kyrassiärer x5 (Cold One Riders)
full command
Really heavy cavlary. Biggest not brightest = S/T4 and Stupidity.

12 pounder foot artillery (Reaper Bolt Thrower)
Smaller geschwinda shot cannon. Fires faster and more safe shots.

TOTAL: 1000pts

So hardly a powergaming army. But could it work at all?

03-02-2011, 17:38
Certainly not rubbish, and I like the theme. Looks like it'll rely on shooting then counter-attacking, which DE can do very well.

One competitive change would be to maybe take a hydra, and model it as a unit of heavy cavalry?

03-02-2011, 17:45
Save the Hydra for 1,500 points. No, perhaps instead of the BsB take him out and use the points to bolster your force. Yes, it would mean that Edward wouldn't be in the list XD but, at such low point games, a BsB isn't really needed, bodies are however. With the points remaining, I would consider cutting out one of the crossbow units and combining them with the BsB points to pick corsairs (since they come in the Battalion anyways).

03-02-2011, 17:57
In bigger games id guess the hydra could be some semi-kraken monster or something like that. Sadly DE dont have access to griffons.

Also in bigger games what magic items would you use? Thinking of talismans and banners first, as the theme is "historical"

03-02-2011, 18:03
Standard of Discipline perhaps? Useful to get the ld10, and would represent the unit carrying their army's prized standard.

04-02-2011, 08:34
I bin searching around for some nice napoleonic models.

These are what i found: http://www.perry-miniatures.com/index2.html

Infantry and cavalry from the french boxed sets. 12pndr cannon from the french set.

04-02-2011, 21:46
Dark elves dont have griffons, but they do have manticores....

I love the theme. Nice to see a historical army thats not british for once. I think it woudl be easier to comment on in bigger games though (1000pts is very hard to cater for...)