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04-02-2011, 09:52
Starting with a Blood Angels fleet for a client hoping to take it to the Black Library Open Day 2011:


More to follow!


01-03-2011, 13:05
The whole fleet (WIP):


As I finish each ship I'll take individual shots with a white background.


04-03-2011, 12:49
So here's a better shot of the now-finished Battlebarge:


More to follow shortly.


04-03-2011, 12:51
stunning work fella, the basing tags and 'info' tags are genius! top work!

04-03-2011, 17:37

Strike Cruiser Timeo is one of the oldest vessels in the Blood Angels fleet, its actual commissioning date being unknown but certainly prior to the reunification of the Legion with its Primarch at the dawn of the Great Crusade. As such, the origin of it's name - "I Fear" in Low Gothic - can only be guessed at. Nevertheless, the ship is recognized as one of the most valiant in the fleet, with a machine spirit that disengages from even the most challenging combat engagements only with extreme reluctance.

To date, the Timeo has been lost and subsequently recovered seven times. Since its most recent recovery, some battle damage is yet to be completely repaired.


The Danaos was named in honour of a pre-Imperial Terran civilization said by myth to exemplify the principles of beauty, honour, nobility and aggression that are so highly prized by the Blood Angels themselves.

An elegant and stately vessel, it is said to manoeuvre reluctantly under duress but rewards the foresighted captain with an uncommon resistance to damage that no investigation by the chapter's Techmarines has been able to explain.



The Dona Ferentes - "Gift Bringer" - was renamed from its original designation (The Deliverance of Baal) following a quip by Chief Librarian Mephiston. Following the successful campaign of containment waged by the Blood Angels and Army Group Salius against the Evangelists of Zool, the Deliverance executed the coup de grace in the form of an Inquisition-sanctioned Exterminatus upon the cult's stronghold world of Entei IVb.

"We shall see," Mephiston is recorded as having said, "what the Zoolites make of the gift you bring."

Gladius Squadron Amarillon, named Katana, Claymore, Epee and Scimitar.



The Battlebarge, Tears of the Angel, was constructed from the recovered wreckage of three battlebarges of unknown provenance extracted from the purified hulk Grim Harbinger and awarded to the Blood Angels in thanks for their participation in the purification campaign. The wreckage was cannibalized over a period of five centuries in the orbital dockyards of Baal Secundus and the reassembly was completed in the early decades of M41. Test trials under the command of Techmarine Adept Prime Gortox and Naval Captain Argo Manchu took a further sixty-seven years before the new vessel was named.

This coincided with the catastrophic outcome of the Blood Angels campaign in the Duria Nebula, in which three whole companies were lost to the Warp, and the ship's name reflects the intense grief felt by the chapter at that time.

Since then, the ship's performance has been reckoned exemplary.


Horus Aximand
04-03-2011, 22:45
Very nice. Did you airbrush the highlights on?

It looks like the washed you have used are clouding in the recesses. Its a problem I found with my Imperial Fist cruisers :( It seems to happen when they get too thick.

04-03-2011, 23:02
i have to say, i love those bases GZ m8 looking nice

08-03-2011, 08:34
@Horus Aximand - You're almost right. I used VMC washes and didn't use completely clean water. The effect was intentional but it went too far on the Strike Cruisers, so I've gone back over those areas with Citadel Devlan Mud wash:


Anyway, this batch is all finished, although the client wants me to paint some more, so it sounds like this plog will continue in the near future.


09-03-2011, 16:18
Wow awesome fleet. Great idea with the bases as well!
another amazing idea worth stealing.

Easy E
11-03-2011, 18:48
Great bases!

11-03-2011, 19:49
Its great to see some BFG. You have done these minis justice , a great paint job and the bases are awsome. Looking forward to seeing some more


13-03-2011, 17:01
I love the basing and the gritty effect as discussed on the Strike Cruisers. The fluff behind each ship is nice too - I try to do the same for my own.

Nice work, I do hope the client makes you paint up more as you said ;)