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04-02-2011, 15:41
This is a list I've made for 2400 points. I'm thinking of entering a series of games at my local club, so I tried to make the list so it would be versatile against a variety of armies. I've never played above 1500 points before, so it's a bit outside my normal territory. I'd like for it to be fairly competitive and I'd be willing to consider changing units, although I'd prefer to keep the sea guards for fluff reasons.

Lords: 15%

Archmage - General, level 4, Forliarth's Robe, Talisman of Saphery, High magic, 350

Heroes: 13%

Mage - Level 2, Annulian Crystal, High magic, 175
Noble - BSB, Great Weapon, Armor of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, 168

Core: 26%

Lothern Sea Guard - x24 (Archmage here), full command, shields, Sword of Battle, Charmed Shield, 362
Lothern Sea Guard - x19 (Mage here), full command, shields, 272

Specials: 37%

Sword Masters - x14, Blade Master, ironcurse amulet, 227
White Lions - x20 (BSB here), full command, banner of eternal flame, 340, (3x7)
White Lions - x21, full command, Banner of Swiftness, 355, (3x7)

Rare: 6%

Eagles - x3, 150

= 2399

I'm basically hoping that the white lions will be able to do the bulk of the combat, as they've been quite good to me so far, and that the swordmasters, if they survive, will get some fighting in. The eagles will do my war machine hunting. The sea guard will protect my mages and do some shooting until they inevitably get locked into combat.

As far as magic goes I'm a big fan of dispelling things, hence the level two having the annulian crystal and high magic. Will having two mages using high magic give a +2 to dispel or only a plus 1? I wasn't sure, I've never tried before. I'm hoping to mainly use them for dispelling/drain magic/shield of saphery. Any advice on whether the level two is worth it or not would be appreciated, but in terms of dispelling it seemed she would be.

The one thing I was trying was giving the seaguard's champion the sword of battle and charmed shield, essentially giving him 3 attacks a turn and the chance at avoiding his first wound at a 2+. Mainly I thought he might be able to protect the archmage better this way and it was only 25 points extra, but I wasn't sure if it was worth it.

Any advice on what I've done, or other suggestions, is more than welcome. I've only played a few games of WFB so I know there' still plenty left for me to learn.


Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
05-02-2011, 08:38
I don't see much more room for improvement as the list looks to be pretty balanced to me (flexible, good amount of shooting, great close combat capabilities, & sufficent magic support). The only thing I'd probably suggest is switching out High Magic for the Archmage to either Life or Shadow for buffs & de-buffs that would greatly aid your shooting and/or close combat phases. BTW you forgot the silver wand for your Archmage (as you paid the points for it). ;)

06-02-2011, 12:23
A LSG Champion can not take any magic items and no you only get +1 to dispell not +1 for every mage.

Oh and i personally don't like drain magic now as it only leads to use more dice to get a spell cast risking total power.

07-02-2011, 05:05
Hey I like your build I had the following suggestion & comments. The Lothern Sea Guard champion like Pointy Headed Elven Paladin said cannot have any magic items & the Archmage should have a Silver Wand. Also think about giving the Lothern Sea Gard unit a banner like switching the Banner of Eternal Flame to them. Also I agree with Pointy Headed Elven Paladin that one of the magic users should use the Lore of Life.